The BBC just shut down the truth about Boris Johnson’s lies

The BBC Politics East logo and Boris Johnson
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A BBC presenter just shut down a Labour MP. The reason? The politician had said that Boris Johnson “just lies”. Clearly facts are not allowed on the Beeb anymore.

The BBC: don’t mention the truth

BBC Politics East was discussing Matt Hancock’s resignation. Host Stewart White was speaking with Labour MP Daniel Zeichner and Tory MP Peter Bone. Specifically, the issue of social care came up. Zeichner said of Hancock’s role as health secretary:

There’s also, of course, the question of the huge failure on failing to integrate health and social care. If you remember, the Prime Minister told us two years ago he had a plan. But it got lost somewhere, didn’t it? Another lie.

White interrupted him, saying:

Hang on. Let me just stop you there. We have had a Covid Pandemic. Surely that had to take first place.

Zeichner was having none of it. He sprung back:

He said he had a plan in his pocket. All he had to do was pull it out of the pocket. We know he didn’t have. He just lies. That’s the prime minister we’ve got. That’s the problem.

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This was too much for White (and probably the show’s producer, screaming in his ear). He rebuffed Zeichner, saying:

First of all, I can’t let you say that the Prime Minister has lied.

A viral video

Campaigning lawyer Peter Stefanovic had something to say about this. He tweeted that:

His video about Johnson’s lies to parliament has had over 24 millions views on Twitter alone. As Bywire News reported, the video:

has also been the inspiration behind a Parliamentary campaign – led by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas and supported by leading MPs from six of the seven opposition parties (Keir Starmer’s spokesperson said Labour wouldn’t support it because they don’t normally work with other parties) – calling on the Speaker of the House to grant an inquiry into the Prime Minister’s diabolically strained relationship with the truth.

Blatant fact: Johnson is a liar

It laid out Johnson’s untruths. These included:

Claim 5: On the 17th of June 2020, during PMQs [Prime Minister’s Questions], the Prime Minister said “There are hundreds of thousands, I think 400,000, fewer families living in poverty now than there were in 2010”.

The Truth: Johnson’s statement is entirely wrong. Both the Children’s Commissioner and the Office for Statistics Regulation have confirmed that the PM’s claim was not borne out of the actual figures, and was therefore not true.

Yet so far, the BBC has not reported on this issue. And now, its presenters seem to be actively shutting down any mention of what is blatant fact: Johnson has repeatedly lied to parliament. Sadly it seems all in a day’s work for our alleged public service broadcaster.

Featured image via BBC iPlayer – screengrab and Channel 4 News – YouTube

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    1. Who is Stewart White exactly? Is he also above the law as our esteemed PM and his Chumocracy seen to think?
      Anyone who thinks that Starmerfurhrer’s motives are above board, must have been in a coma since his takeover of a socialist political party and if you were, welcome to the open prison that is Plague Island.
      Time to stop paying for the privilege of being lied to by both the BBC and The Chumocracy.

    2. Who appointed this clown White to be political censor for the BBC. His actions clearly obstructed free speech. The BBC needs to fire him immediately and anyone ‘in his ear’ telling him what to say.

      This is one more example of how the once highly respected BBC is plummeting to the bottom of the heap as a trusted news reporter and honest interviewer. Their integrity is as awful that that of Muckraker Murdock and his irresponsible media rags.

      Bogus Johnson is a pathological liar. At least Tony B’Liar picked his lies carefully and with (usually poor) reasoning. Bogus mouth is fed by his ass, not his suspiciously absent brain.

    3. “I can’t let you say that the Prime Minister has lied”

      So what’s the crack then, full dictatorship or mini-dictatorship? Optimist here (yeah I know, optimism lol), so I’m gonna disregard the obvious precursory nature of the latter even though the above quote dictates that the former is more likely to be the case. Hope hope 🙂

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