The media puts out a desperate smear and gets caught red-handed [TWEETS]

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The Conservative Party gained hundreds of seats in the local elections. But despite the victories, the mainstream media couldn’t stop themselves continuing to circulate desperate smears about Jeremy Corbyn.

And it says a lot. Because either it means the media now smear Corbyn by default, or these outlets still fear a Labour victory in the general election. But either way, they were caught red-handed.

Scandal No.1: Corbyn speaks to voters

Residents of Greater Manchester voted in the Labour’s Andy Burnham as mayor at the elections. He won a massive 63% of the vote. Yet Beth Rigby from Sky News noticed something about the victory celebrations that left her “speechless”:

Seemingly, Rigby cannot believe that the public dared to celebrate the victory without consulting Burnham first. And worse, they even turned out when local MP Rebecca Long-Bailey invited the leader of the party they’d just voted for to address them in that celebration. A leader that, as someone quickly pointed out, the crowd were quite pleased to see:

Scandal No.2: Burnham shows support for Corbyn

Meanwhile, Politics Home’s editor Kevin Schofield shared some other awful ‘news’ for Corbyn. But by news, he meant a ‘somebody told me that Burnham told somebody else’ type scoop:

But Schofield’s scoop was quite odd. Because less than an hour after Burnham won the mayoralty, he’d spoken to LBC. And in that interview, Burnham stated that Corbyn “added to the vote in many ways”.

In particular, Burnham said that Corbyn appeals to young people. And he warned against people calling the general election “too early”.

Scandal No.3: Someone in the Labour Party is briefing against Corbyn

The BBC‘s Laura Kuenssberg, of course, also had to get in on the act. She tweeted gossip from a “Labour source” about Corbyn’s team and its response to the losses it suffered:

Kuenssberg didn’t acknowledge, however, that it’s “cowardly” not to have the guts to admit who you are when briefing against your own party. But she did have to concede that Corbyn’s team said the accusation was a lie:

The real scandal: a broken media

These ‘stories’ didn’t have the effect intended. One just looked like an attack on voters. The other painted Burnham as a hypocrite. And the last only revealed that the Labour Party continues to contain saboteurs.

But that surely wasn’t the point. The point was likely the same as it’s always been: to attack Corbyn. But coming on the day when the party suffered local losses, these acts beg a question. Are the media attacks on Corbyn now just second nature? Or is the media not satisfied that these local losses will translate into the same for Labour at the general election?

Only around 36% turned out to vote in the local elections. And they didn’t take place in all councils across the country. So perhaps it’s the latter. But one thing’s for certain, people need to vote if they want to choose the direction of their country. And until then, it seems the smears are going to keep on coming.

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