The Lib Dems just got truly rinsed in a pathetic attempt to mock Jeremy Corbyn

Vince Cable and Jeremy Corbyn
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On 25th January, the Liberal Democrats sent a tweet designed to put the boot into Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. But it backfired and the party was truly rinsed on social media:

“The Ratio” never lies

One can only assume that the party was disappointed with the results of its latest attempt to attack Labour at all costs. 24 hours after posting, the tweet had amassed a grand total of only 112 retweets. Conversely, the tweet had over 600 replies, almost all of them negative. When it comes to Twitter if your replies outnumber your retweets, you’ve messed up. This Twitter phenomenon is called “The Ratio” and it never lies.

Responses to the ill-advised tweet alternated between bemusement, outrage, and absolute derision. Some pointed out that the embarrassing tweet was par for the course for Lib Dems:

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Aaron Bastani of Novara Media beautifully summed up the humorous value of the tweet in question:

Others were blunter in their criticism:

Brass neck much?

Many people on Twitter questioned the wisdom of the Lib Dems, of all parties, criticising Labour for its lack of backbone. The fact that the Lib Dems propped up the Tories during the coalition years and enabled austerity was not lost:

Others pointed out that the party famously reneged on its landmark promise to not raise tuition fees almost immediately after gaining a whiff of power:

Where did the spine come from?

Arguably the most mystifying aspect of the bizarre tweet was the presence of a spine. Ash Sarkar of Novara Media asked the question on everyone’s mind:

Others wondered if the effort had been worth it:

Some highlighted the absolute absurdity of the situation:

Others just couldn’t wrap their heads around it:

A good spine is a terrible thing to waste

Not content to make an absolute fool of themselves once, the party doubled-down. About two hours later, the party tweeted another variation on the same joke, this time with the spine in a bookshop:

After that tweet was also roundly mocked one would assume that the Lib Dems would have taken the hint. However, yet another spine-themed tweet cropped up the next day:

A wasted effort

Theresa May’s handling of the Brexit negotiations has been an unmitigated disaster. In seeking to appease the eurosceptic wing of her party May has brought the country to the brink of a no-deal Brexit. Despite this, the Lib Dems seem to spend a great deal of time and effort attacking Corbyn and the Labour Party. While Corbyn has pushed to remove no-deal from the table, the Lib Dems have refused to support further attempts to break the deadlock through a general election. It seems that in pushing for the divisive, and seemingly doomed Peoples Vote, the Lib Dems are willing to keep the Tories in power.

If the party truly cares about stopping Brexit, perhaps the Lib Dems should spend less time sourcing spinal columns and crafting lame jokes and more time actually challenging the ruling party.

Featured image via Tom Reynolds / Flickr and Rwendland/ Wikipedia Creative Commons 

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    1. TWICE the Libs have propped up the Tories leaving them free to ride roughshod over the people; once as the “Lib/SPD Alliance” (and they STILL contain all those SDP scumbags) and again as half of the “ConDem Alliance”; they have lost the right to comment on ANYBODY! They should go away and shut the HELL (I won’t use the word I want to, in case the Internet Police censor me) up! The kindest word anyone used to describe the Liberals was “Dog-Shooters” (Auberon Waugh in Private Eye) because that is ALL they are good for!

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