Vivienne Westwood is the canary in the coal mine for Julian Assange

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This morning Vivienne Westwood took part in a bold demonstration as part of the campaign to prevent Julian Assange from being extradited to the United States.

To find out more about this issue, watch our film Assange: truth on trial.

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    1. I fear for Julian”s life whilst he is being held in such harsh conditions, including strip searches on his way to court etc. If ever there were 2 perfect examples of what the leaders of the free world (the USA!!) are about then take what happens to a Journalist/Publisher revealing American forces war crimes and how long Jeffery Epstein got away with sex trafficking children ! Both were known about by the relevant authorities but only one was actively pursued !!

      The yanks wouldn’t know a democracy if it rose up and slapped them in the face !defenders of the free world my arse !! Defenders of democracy HA ! I think Venezuela might contest that !! But doubt Saudi Arabia would !! I worry for the world whilst the nutters are in charge

    2. Well done Vivienne. By this time in your life you are part of the mainstream and as such you have braved the consequences of your outspokeness. Pity there are so few so-called ‘celebrities’ who are prepared to take time out from their desperate atteempts to maintain their ‘demographic’ presence among Ukanian peasants to stand up and speak out for the freedom to express the truth.

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