Two words that show Jacob Rees-Mogg’s contempt for people unable to get coronavirus tests

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In just two words, Jacob Rees-Mogg has shown his contempt for people trying to get a coronavirus (Covid-19) test and for everyone attempting to hold the government to account over its testing programme.

Commons leader Rees-Mogg stated that people should stop their “endless carping” about a lack of Covid-19 tests.

And despite evidence to the contrary, Rees-Mogg claimed the “phenomenal success” of Britain’s testing system should be celebrated.

But after the Government announced restrictions in north-east England, shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth warned: “It’s become not so much test and trace, more like trace a test.”

Speaking in the Commons, Labour frontbencher Valerie Vaz questioned why the head of the government’s coronavirus Test and Trace programme, Dido Harding, has not spoken in public since August.

Valerie Vaz
Valerie Vaz (House of Commons/PA)

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The shadow Commons leader added: “The number of tests returned within 24 hours has fallen from 68% to 8% – it seems to be all talk, talk and no test, test.”

Rees-Mogg replied: “We all have an obligation to try and stop the dangerous disease spreading, but the issue of testing is one where we have gone from a disease that nobody knew about a few months ago to one where nearly a quarter of a million people a day can be tested.

“And the Prime Minister is expecting that to go up to half a million people a day by the end of October.

“And instead of this endless carping, saying it is difficult to get them, we should actually celebrate the phenomenal success of the British nation in getting up to a quarter of a million tests of a disease that nobody knew about until earlier in the year.”

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    1. well Moggy not long now to next G.E. when we voter get shut of Tory party from power fully.–you can go toilet cleaning for the N.H.S. O.k.
      (if they are willing to set you on that is Mogg)
      Your fishing joke was the last straw for you as a Tory Minister
      your rich money will not stop us voter getting shut of you + Tory party
      Time for Tory party to pay the full price for failing our country
      from day one of them in power. (voters they failed us all)

    2. Thinking that the British people will end this nightmare at the next general election is i am afraid a bit far fetched. The British will do what they are told by their betters in the MSM. I have lost count of the number of times i have heard people say “Boris? He’s such a laugh he’s just like one of us” for FU*KS SAKE !!!!!!!

      I had been a labour member since 14 to 63 and done all the canvassing, leafleting and campaigning around the country in marginal seats but no more for me. I have come to realise that the Labour Party today is just a slightly less right wing faction of the Tory Party. It’s the new Labour nightmare all over again, so my conclusion is that by voting we legitimise the wars, the privatisation of the NHS, the attack on benefits for the disabled etc etc etc as after all the politicians are our representatives aren’t they? And that’s what we want isn’t it?

      Stop voting stop legitimising !

      1. Yes, and have you seen Starmer’s NewYear message to the “Jewish community”? Which “Jewish community”? All the Jews I know are Corbyn supporters. They all disagree with the BoD and support Jewish Voice for Labour. Who does Starmer think he’s talking to? More and more he seems to be embracing an Israel-is-right-about-everything position. Have you ever heard say a word in support of the Palestinians? Does voting Labour mean voting for the Gaza Strip and the West Bank? Starmer is turning out to be utterly dismal. We need a movement to the left of Labour, genuinely committed to democracy and equality and opposed to the kind of policies the Israeli State has practised for 72 years.

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