It’s that time of year again as Poppy mania returns

Giant poppy on the front of a building
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Poppy Mania is back. And the Remembrance 2021 entries are no less eye-catching (or deranged) than in previous years. We’ve got poppy ghost weddings, nationalist knitting and commemorative caravans.

So come this way to the Armistice House of Horrors!

First up, sharp-eyed Twitter user Mic Wright caught sight of a whole Daily Mail spread on the eerie knitted effigies of military things which now haunt Normal Island:

Poppy patrol

Elsewhere, one member of the public spotted what she thought was the actual poppy police van:

Lest we forget

Not to be outdone, someone in Brighton ‘poppified’ the tower of the local zipwire. Okay, mate. Yeah. Nice that. Because this is how the over 57,000 casualties at the first day of the Somme saw this going:

Get the mileage in

And in between debates about getting their mates off corruption charges… cough, I mean… rounds of normal parliamentary business, some MPs topped up their patriotism by riding poppy cycles. So here is Esther McVey getting some miles in:

Sainsbury’s death nuptials

An early contender for bonkers Remembrance display of the year must go to the poppy ghost wedding spotted at a Sainsbury’s somewhere.

Because nothing says ‘respect the troops’ like seeing a mannequin in an American uniform marrying his weird headless spectral bride. And who wouldn’t want to see this as you pop into Sainsbury’s for a packet of Hobnobs and some Rizla?:

Mutant poppy head bloke

Not to be beaten, supermarket rival Tesco appeared to have created a human/poppy hybrid as part of their bid to recruit drivers. Because nothing says I love the troops like a nostalgist triffid-looking thing:

Combat Caravans

And a special mention must go to whoever spent this much time and money covering their camper vans in stickers of poppies, ghostly soldiers and Halifax bombers. Points for effort, if not exactly style:

It will reassure everyone to know that Remembrance continues to be the incredibly serious and sombre occasion it was meant to be. And that has not been remotely derailed by poppy-signalling nationalism. Because that would be weird. Yeah. See you all next year.

Featured image – Wikimedia Commons/HH58.

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      The internal wrangling about the money the Women’s section had was horrifying. The men tried at one stage to steal it. They were unsuccessful. I refuse to buy a poppy, but sometimes I sport a white poppy…….

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