Poll shows majority backing for LGBTQI+ relationship education in schools

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In a poll conducted by YouGov for PinkNews, 59% of people backed children learning about LGBTQI+ relationships at school. 25% opposed the idea, while 16% were unsure.

Most people also supported transgender people being able to self-identify their sex, the research published on Thursday suggests.

Education is not about “trying to turn people gay”

New guidance on relationships and sex education, which will be compulsory from 2020 and will require pupils to learn about LGBTQI+ families, was published last week by the Department for Education.

Guidance states that pupils must understand and respect that some people are LGBTQI+ and that the law “affords them and their relationships recognition and protections”.

There have been demonstrations by some parents against schools teaching about LGBTQI+ relationships. Parents at two schools in Birmingham, for example, have protested over the classes.

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Labour’s Angela Eagle, who became the first openly gay female MP when she came out in 1997, insisted last week that such education is not “propagandising” or about “trying to turn people gay”, but instead is about respecting the right to have an “equal welcome in school” and not be bullied.

“The public backs reforming the law”

The survey of 1,720 adults, carried out last month, also found that the majority supported individuals being able to self-identify their gender as one other than that in which they were born. Some 56% gave their backing, while 23% said were in opposition and 21% were undecided.

Theresa May last year ordered a consultation on the Gender Recognition Act, which allows people to change their legal gender.

It is hoped that the process of acquiring a Gender Recognition Certificate will be easier, cheaper and less intrusive.

PinkNews chief executive Benjamin Cohen celebrated the poll’s findings, saying:

“It is clear that the public backs reforming the law to allow trans people to self-identify in order to receive a Gender Recognition Certificate.”

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    1. A psychologist who claimed lessons on LGBT+ relationships can “corrupt” children. She a leading campaigner against relationship and sex education lessons. The Muslim convert – who set up the petition calling for parents to be able to opt out of relationships education – was filmed as she said that many young Muslims were “turning to same-sex relationships because they haven’t had the guidance.” In the video of Dr Godfrey-Faussett, uploaded in December, the psychologist argued that lessons on LGBT+ relationships – which use story books to teach about different families – are part of a “social engineering programme” to corrupt children.” She also complained about the “queering of the Muslim community” and urged people to “work psychologically or in a mental health capacity” with Muslims who were attracted to the same sex. Dr Godfrey-Faussett said she felt she’d already been “publicly hung, drawn and quartered” by her professional body.
      The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 26: – Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children. Opt out should continue as a parental right. Parents are a thousand times more important than any school.
      LGBT community also bullied MP Roger Godsif who had different views to them. Yes I heard about the Cake shops and anyone who disagrees with their views gets attacked by all of them. They can’t tolerate anyone who disagrees with their way of life.
      I’ve had LGBT pester me because I choose not to teach my kids at 5 years old about LGBTs…they can’t learn when they are older…it’s not like they are at the age of getting into relationships anyway. Kids at the age of 5 can’t tell someone’s sexuality by looking at them and I’m sure gay is not printed on gays foreheads. So basic respect to ALL humans should be enough for kids. THEY DONT NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LGBTs to tolerate and respect people!!! Stop messing with children’s mind. Do not steal from our children they childhood. Let be kids – kids!
      It’s my child why can’t they tolerate that in my religion LGBT is morally wrong. That’s my belief. If they want to be an LGBT they can be one. I’m not forcing my Islamic views onto them…why are they forcing it on me and my kids?

      Tolerance is when a Christian can live the way they want and raise their kids without other people having a problem with them.
      Or a Muslim being able to be a Muslim and raise their kids how they want without others having a problem with it.
      Similarly the LGBTs being able to live how they want and raise their kids how they want.


      Never met an LGBT who said well it’s the parents’ choice to do what they thinks best…never and don’t think I will ever come across a tolerant LGBT.

      This is a Sharia law in Islam. And LGBT is never okay. In gynecology, urology & dermatology departments, we often get gay patients with terrible diagnoses. They always come with complaints relate to their sexual activities.

      It is outrageous to be teaching tiny tots about sex, regardless of whether you are religious or atheist. Make it optional so that those who want it can have it and those who don’t they can leave it until the final year of the secondary school (15/16 years old). You are either a male or a female or a neutral gender (in some rare cases). Your gender was decided by your genes/cells/biological factors long before you were born. And here we are confusing the hell out of our tiny tots by telling them they can be man or woman or choose to make a big fuss about “gender neutral toilets”? These are nothing but modern attention-seeking horse-manure. Gay relationship, trans-gender relationship…what is all this? Before people start accusing me of ignorance, think about what happened to our society and why our children misbehave and why they don’t respect elders and why so many of them are violent and out of control these days. It’s because decades ago the snow-flake gov introduced policies which vilified parents, which portrayed parents as violent maniacs who have nothing better to do other than beat up their children. Laws prevented parents from disciplining their children and now all parents are crying for help because their kids are out of control and even violent. Teachers are needing counselling because kids do not respect them, they even beat up teachers. Social changes take decades before we see the results of new policies. Today we are teaching them all these mixed up sex/relation education, but in 40 years’ time these kids will grow up with lots of confused ideas about sex and relationship. The natural and the most beautiful relationship in the world is that between a man and a woman.

      Children are not the properties of the state, they are “blood” and family members of the parents who spent so many sleepless nights and days sacrificing so much to care for those children and to provide them food, clothes, shelter and to give them a better future. There is no one, absolutely no one, on the face of this planet who would love your children more than you. National curriculum is not some holy book written in stone. Laws are amendments, meaning they are routinely amended. Nat Curr is also something man-made, meaning it contains flaws and it needs revising. It is absolutely pathetic to be teaching 8/9 year old about sex, regardless of whether you are religious or atheist. Make it optional so that those who want it can have it and those who don’t they can leave it until the final year of the secondary school (15/16 years old).

      A sweet fruit of sex education in primary schools. Indiscipline, incivility, binge drinking, drug addiction, gun and knife crimes, teenage pregnancies and abortion are part and parcel of British schooling. These are the reasons why majority of Muslim parents would like to send their children to Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. Only less than 5% attend Muslim schools and more than 95% keep on attending state and church schools to be mis-educated and de-educated by non-Muslim monolingual teachers.

      Sex and Relationships Education up to now has been a disaster. Despite all efforts we still have one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Western Europe; one of the highest teenage abortion rates in Western Europe; epidemic level STIs amongst teenagers; frightening levels of child addiction to pornography; unprecedented levels of diagnosable mental illness among children; and police reports of alarming and growing numbers of child-on-child sex abuse, some including children as young as five.

      This world is obsessed with Sex and Sexuality. Leave children to be children and let them enjoy it. Faith and Religion are very important together with Education. The two can work side by side. Please let children retain their innocence as long as they are able. I was shocked and horrified when I heard from the Coalition for Marriage about the behaviour of Ofsted with regard to the questioning of young pupils about marriage. If this is ‘Modern Britain’ we had all better be on our guard! They seem to show little of the tolerance they would urge on us. I am disgusted at this type of questioning put to children of such young ages. In my opinion it is not necessary, let children be children. They have to grow up quickly as it is, let them have some time when sex doesn’t have to rear its ugly head at them. It shouldn’t happen, certainly not at school. It is just another occasion of Ofsted interfering in faith schools.

      What 4 yr old (reception class) is going to understand anything about sex? I wonder how would you teach a 4 yr old in a main stream school let alone a special needs school. Good luck with that plan. Why does society feel the need to sexualize children so young, the media, music industry do it already and idiotic parents let their kids watch and listen to sexual programs and music like holyoaks and Beyonce and wonder why their kids get knocked up so young. Kids don’t need to be burdened with this. Seriously it will really destroy their world of pure innocence. They don’t understand this and it will hamper their bonds with parents as they may not be able to digest the info properly. They just don’t need this on their tiny minds. Let them enjoy childhood and the freedom that childhood brings with no worry of any of the things adults go through. This is just grossly unfair.

      Let children be children. Tougher sentences for child abuse! Hang the Pedo not teach kids as tough as 4 about sex. Why can`t children be left to play, without being bombarded with all this sexual garbage?

      It would seem that Ofsted are themselves intolerant and discriminatory. These questions are personal and intrusive. These idiots should be more concerned about the academic achievement and the wellbeing of the children. Schools should instruct their pupils that if they are uncomfortable with the questioning they should tell the inspector to mind his/her own business. Children are told to say no if inappropriately touched so they should be able to say no to inappropriate questions. What is happening is that the Government wishes to deal with the ‘Trojan Horse’ schools but fears being labelled ‘anti-Muslim.’ Using Ofsted to ‘get at’ Jewish and other religious schools that have not bought into the idea of SSM will enable the Government to ‘clamp down’ on all religious schools. In this way it hopes to avoid the charge of Muslim bashing when it finally makes some further ineffectual move against Muslim extremists running schools. Faith and education are compatible. Removing faith of any sort from education would be a logical impossibility. “Multiculturalism isn’t about conforming to one standard, but celebrating differences of perspectives, and so long as they are founded on tolerance and mutual respect, should be valued and protected.

      You need to realise some parents shelter their kids from adult lives…even stuff like make up, programs about HETEROSEXUAL couples, learning about marriage…so they can shelter their kids away from LGBTs too. I would take my child out of the school regardless of whether they gave permission or not, Since when were school above parents! Glad my boys are grown and not having to go through this It’s a parents civil right to protect their children against harm. and if a parent feels these lessons can do more harm than good, pull the child out. How can the school or government argue against it, they can’t know. Of course parents get to decide. But this weird stuff should NOT even be allowed to be taught. They are not supposed to teach it in the first place.

      This is not education ! The sooner we all start to fight against the brainwashing the better , your silence is your consent, stop asking if you can ,and just do it ! That’s the trouble to many people are too happy to conform, it’s your children for goodness sake , we are there parents it is our right ! STOP BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT !!! That is the only way this rubbish is going to stop. This kind of rubbish should not be taught in schools it’s immoral. School is for Maths, English, Geography, etc. Not a playground for gender confusion.

      The demand for Muslim schools comes from parents who want their children a safe environment with an Islamic ethos. Parents see Muslim schools where children can develop their Islamic Identity where they won’t feel stigmatised for being Muslims and they can feel confident about their faith. Muslim schools are working to try to create a bridge between communities. There is a belief among ethnic minority parents that the British schooling does not adequately address their cultural needs. Failing to meet this need could result in feeling resentment among a group who already feel excluded. Setting up Muslim school is a defensive response. State schools with monolingual teachers are not capable to teach English to bilingual Muslim children. Bilingual teachers are needed to teach English to such children along with their mother tongue. According to a number of studies, a child will not learn a second language if his first language is ignored.

      Indiscipline, incivility, binge drinking, drug addiction, gun and knife crimes, teenage pregnancies and abortion are part and parcel of British schooling. These are the reasons why majority of Muslim parents would like to send their children to Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. Only less than 5% attend Muslim schools and more than 95% keep on attending state and church schools to be mis-educated and de-educated by non-Muslim monolingual teachers.

      Muslim schools teach Muslim children that sex outside marriage is a sin. Homosexuality is also a sin. sex before marriage and homosexuality are western values and Muslims are not supposed to adopt them.

      There are hundreds of state and church schools where Muslim children are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may be opted out as Muslim Academies. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school.
      Iftikhar Ahmad

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