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Liz Truss trumpets benefits of UK-US trade deal for ‘workers, consumers and farmers’

The UK and US hope trade talks can proceed at an “accelerated pace” to deliver a “comprehensive” deal, Liz Truss said after the first round of transatlantic negotiations.

The International Trade Secretary said both sides wanted a deal to deliver benefits for workers, consumers and farmers.

Critics have warned that striking a deal will require Britain to accept looser US food and environmental standards, as well as opening up the NHS to American firms – something the government denies.

Truss said that during the talks, conducted remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic, “a number of areas showed particular progress”.

Negotiators “identified a mutually high ambition for services, investment and digital trade”, she said.

“Both sides also set out a mutual commitment to creating new opportunities for businesses on both sides of the Atlantic and to delivering benefits for workers, consumers and farmers.”

The negotiators will “quickly pursue” a standalone chapter covering small and medium-sized firms.

The talks involved around 100 officials on each side covering almost 30 different areas.

Truss and her counterpart, US trade representative Robert Lighthizer, have agreed a second round of virtual talks will take place in the weeks of 15 and 22 June.

“Both sides are hopeful that negotiations for a comprehensive trade agreement can proceed at an accelerated pace,” Truss said.

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    1. Services means American banks stealing our savings and American Pharma raping our NHS.
      Investment means we have to but American over everybody elses goods, including our own.
      Digital trade means CIA, FBI, Homeland Security having unfettered access to ALL our devices and information, whilst we get nothing in return.

      Can’t wait to see the “allignment of legal systems” or the “joint security co-operation” parts.

    2. Might want to remove the picture of Liz Truss talking to her US Counterparts, as it looks like the White House in all their wisdom decided to advertise it’s I.P address at the bottom of the screen for anyone to see.

    3. These talks are another solid reason for Scotland, Northern Ireland, and poor Wales if it can do it to leave England to pursue her dream. Imagine talking to those liars with such “positive” nonsense as if it were real.
      Soon to be America’s 52 State, and so close to Europe too , and with the utmost urgency. Can’t do it soon enough apparantly. What a bargaining position.
      I can’t think of word for this kind of political suicide.

        1. Can Suffolk come ? We had or fair share of the Yankee invaders during the 70s and 80s.

          The only people really happy with this deal would be the companies that make choline and Steroids for the chickens and cattle.

          Anyway I thought everything was perfect under the Torres already so what’s in it for us ?? Feck all I suspect

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