As Universal Credit is cut, independent foodbanks warn they are ‘running out of options’

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Independent food banks are “running out of options” and may be unable to support people in need this winter as the Universal Credit cut kicks in and living expenses rise.

The Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) said members are supporting “ever-increasing” numbers of people unable to afford food and this will worsen as the £20-a-week uplift is withdrawn.

The network, which represents more than 500 UK foodbanks and providers, has written to leaders of the four UK nations and to the chancellor, Work and Pensions secretary and other ministers calling for the cut to be halted.

A “devastating cut”

The letter, signed by IFAN coordinator Sabine Goodwin, reads:

The numbers of people needing emergency food aid will inevitably grow as a result.

On top of this devastating cut in people’s incomes, energy and food prices are rising sharply, increasing the need for emergency food support yet further.

A recent survey found that half of all Universal Credit claimants were living in food insecurity in May and June, with more than a quarter experiencing this severely.

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“Running out of options”

Goodwin said foodbank teams have worked “tirelessly” through the coronavirus pandemic, with many now “exhausted”.

Volunteer numbers have dropped, as have public donations, they are struggling with food supply shortages and staff are already stretched to meet current demand.

She said members are now “running out of options” – just as a further surge in demand for emergency food aid has started.

She continued:

As the winter approaches, there is a real danger that our member food banks will run out of options to support the people in need in their communities.

We fear that if immediate action is not taken to prioritise raising income levels across the UK, then more and more people will be faced with impossible choices over heating or eating and will fall into poverty and destitution.

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    1. Not to worry, the Neoliberal TORIES from both the Conservative Party and the Neo-New-Labour Party will soon start scooping them all up as handy little local laundromats, funds agh, I mean “Donations” straight to the City nicely wrapped in bundles of £100K, ready to be shipped off to the Bahamas!
      In the meantime a CEO & Management on £100K+++, staff free or below Minimum Wage, 0 hour Contracts and treated like shit!
      Yes, I am sure all the good Samaritan snaps in the papers will do volumes of “good”!
      All gratetudes to those who campaigned and voted for this, I do hope it’s exactly what you wanted!

    2. Brexit was always about the dirty money. Austerity is payback for the dirty money paid to MP’s and filling the coffers of the ultra rich their endgame. The filthy rich wanted to be able to roam free in a world of loosers and peasants. EU was about to legislate on social issues. The filthy rich abhor interference with their domain! Murderdoch then held no punches and supported by Putin delivered blow after blow against the sane part of the British constituency…. No wonder the UK has become the sick ‘man’ of Europe once more!

      1. The EU is as much a Sick Neoliberal Old Wo/Man as Britain. Everyone who campaignd negatively against a UK Labour Party Government in any way shape or form, be that the Brexiteer Bandwagon or the Remoaners Bandwagon, whatever, DID THIS!
        To me the Remoaner Bandwagon was the worst like blind zombie sheeple following Blair, Campbell & Mandelson’s song and dance about 2nd Ref and People’s Vote, when everyone of them full well knew that Confirmatory Vote was written into the UK Labour Party’s Brexit Policy in February 2018! Essentially Remoaners were screaming and smashing empty tin cans for something they already had and with Blair’s sidekick Murdoch, their ignorance worked the Brexiteers into a maddening frothing frenzy!
        The Result nobody could hear what The UK Labour Party was saying to them and it was warning them about, EVERYTHING that is happening right now!
        Blair’s Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-New-Labour Party TORIES and their Colleagues The Conservative Party TORIES Win & The PEOPLE lose!
        Things will deteriorate so much faster for The PEOPLE of Britain, than the past 43 Years of Thatcher’s Neoliberal Toryism. Not only do we have NO CHOICE at the ballot box, Conservative TORY vs Neo-New-Labour TORY, but we have no more Human Rights, Worker’s Rights, etc, etc, Socialists/Socialism, Freedom of Speech, Justice, Equality, etc are being alienated to the point of criminality!
        We must not give up! The PEOPLE are still the MANY! They just need to wake up! 2015 to 2020 didn’t, so we’ll have to!
        Who knows by some extraordinary event The Conservative/Neo-New-Labour Party TORIES wakes enough of us up, pretty bloody soon!
        We NEED a Party FOR The PEOPLE in Parliament!

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