Stop weaponising antisemitism: ‘Never again ever, for anyone!’

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Dan Glass is the grandson of four Nazi Holocaust survivors, two from Germany and two from Poland. He says “the last thing I’m ever going to let happen is that my grandparents’ story and what they went through, be weaponised to oppress other people”.

You can watch the full Redfish documentary featured in this video here.

Alongside the launch of this video, the following Q&A with Dan Glass and The Canary‘s Nancy Mendoza aired live on Mon 15 December:

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    1. My mother was on the Kindertransport, she was in the last carriage of the last train out of Czechoslovakia, the red and white striped pole was literally coming down as her coach went under it, if the train had run a SECOND later she would have ended
      up as a bar of soap in Goebbels’ bathroom; so I know all about anti-semitism, and I say, the Board of Deputies do NOT speak for me, they are just a bunch of CIA-financed arseholes who can’t wipe their own arses unless the CIA first gives them permission, and then gives them a demonstration! And if that offends them I say, come on you bastards, I’m not afraid of you, or your Mossad thugs!

    2. What an excellent live news story by Dan Glass in his own words. Such good questioning of the European diplomat distinquishing between what a Jew is and the Policies of the Stare of Isreal. He look suddenly very uncomfortable at the question. Dan Glass keeps the memory alive of what it means to be Jewish down through time. Courageous, polite in the face of this State Persecution not to lose his mind or spirit.
      He’ll keep the religion alive as viable.
      Merry Christmas Dan Glass.
      You don’t have to live in England to subscribe to world shaping events as brought to you by the Canary.

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