High Court hands Priti Patel final decision on US extradition of Julian Assange

Assange and Patel
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Wikileaks editor Julian Assange has lost his appeal against extradition to the US. Judge Holdroyde ruled that the US appeal was allowed. Assange has been detained in Belmarsh prison since 2019. Prior to that, he was in the Ecuadorian Embassy. The speed of any extradition now appears to depend on home secretary Priti Patel.

Assange is wanted by the US in connection with the publication of thousands of documents about the Iraq War. Previously a judge ruled against Assange being extradited due to his mental health. The US appealed this decision.

US journalist Kevin Gosztola was in the courtroom:

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The extradition case will now be handed over to the US Secretary of State:

It appears that Assange still has options for appeal. Though this is being described as a very serious loss:

Barrister Adam Wagner tweeted some of the specifics of the decision. The courts claim that the US has provided a satisfactory “package of assurances”.

Assange’s treatment at the hands of the authorities has been a topic of controversy. In 2020, the Lancet medical journal argued that his treatment amounted to torture and medical neglect.

Some have argued that due to alleged CIA plans to assassinate Assange, he should not be handed over to the US.

As Wikileaks pointed out yesterday, the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) share this view:

For now, Assange’s fate lays with home secretary Priti Patel.

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    1. Vile rant follows, in that those who persecute Julian Assange (and us by proxy because it’s NOT just about journalism, but ALL of our freedoms in this travesty of Democracy, and defacto authoritarian oligarchy).

      What an absolute travesty of Justice and Democracy. Our Legal system is as CORRUPT as the CIA, and the American joke of a Legal system which has decided the World has to obey Washington, which is a flagrant violation of Human decency and sense, and international law.

      World leaders take note, if our lives are as worthless as you insist, your lives are worthless too, along with your corrupt laws which by YOUR example NO ONE SHOULD OBEY.

      Criminals are in charge of our Politics, our Legal Systems and our Media (and more). These are career criminals who belong EXACTLY where Julian is now, and should be there until they die.

      Everyone involved with the persecution of Julian Assange should be arrested and jailed for LIFE on similarly ridiculously fake charges (it doesn’t matter what those charges are, just so much as we can laugh at them as they suffer what they truly deserve (as they have laughed at us when we suffer what we don’t deserve at their hands, and continue to do so) and they should be subjected to a complete lack of Humanity, just as they have laughingly meeted out to others.

      The only way ANY of these CORRUPT and CRIMiNAL players will EVER get the message, is if they are publiclly stripped of thier wealth, their power, and their rights as they are doing to Julian, and as they have already done time after time to us too.

      The evil of it all is that our police, our judges, our legal professionals, our media, our politicians, our military, and our corporations are all full of corrupt cowards who do not have the slightest shred of integrity, or anything resembling the things they say we MUST have and be.

      They are the yellowest-bellied COWARDS because they are too weak-minded, weak-willed, and too greed oriented to pursue truth, honesty, and decency in thier lives.

      They literally do not have the will or strength to pursue the decent things in life, and take the cowardly easy road, whilst spending an inordinate amount of time and effort lying and destroying the very fabric of the things they claim to love and support.

      In short, they are all presiding over the American cultural and political invasion of the World, which has seen this country turned into the vile, untrustworthy, evil-worshipping, American arse-licking, P-O-S that it now is, and what is truly terrible about this is that many Brits are not deserving of this. Many many of this nation’s people have done nothing but try to live by good and decent human and democratic values, and have given their lives, their wealth, their all, out of a mistaken beleif that our leaders are doing their best too.

      Priti Patel – If you do NOT do the right thing and end this abominable travesty of UK law, you had better leave this country and NEVER return, but you are too stupid and too evil-hearted to realise that LAW PROTECTS NO ONE FROM ANYTHING – it can ONLY retroactively punish – which is all a bit too late if one or many want your life. You and your cronies think you will never pay for your crimes and your evils, and that makes you as stupid and deserving of suffering as all those throughout history who myopically treated others like crap, then ended up having their evils thrown back at them by those who could take your shit no longer.

      This is no threat, just my opinion that more so called ‘Elites’ (they just aren’t though) are going to end up dead in gutters as they continue to foist these travesties of justice on us – and while it is aimed particularly at Julian, do NOT be misled, his freedoms are our freedoms, his persecution is also our persecution. This is NOT only about journalism, but also very much about what they can also do to us for speaking up on ANYTHING they don’t want.

      The World is run by Career criminals, you can forget any pretense of titles, that is the truth. Because they have bigger weapons to beat us with, they can, and do, constantly get away with theft, murder, torture on grand scales, and we the electorate are stupid for going along with it.

      Bear in mind that those who are in power, no matter what system they claim to be a part of, are truly only a part of the Career Criminal Class, whos’ rulerships are predicated on harming the rest of us if we do not take a knee to their violent and extraordinary cruelty.

      History is FULL of the proof of this. We do not live by agreement in this society, we are forced by fear to obey rules that are only meant to apply to us. Those that rule steal. murder, and torture in a myriad of ways, nearly all of which are prohibitted to us by fear of punishment or death.

      All Julian Assange did (legally) was expose a mere fraction of the criminality and criminals involved.

      The travesty against Julian Assange is a travesty against all of us because we are next, arguably that’s already happening.

      Those that bury their heads in the sand, still have to pull their heads out eventually, and all they find is that the world they hid from is still there, and usually worse because of their abstinence. The cowards at the top are supported by the cowards underneath them.

      I claim that it is easy to do bad things in this world, not because evil is intrinsic to it, but because we are all born cowards, and Law can only ever act after the fact (if it acts before, then law is itself criminal). Cowards therefore are those who do not grow up and learn to be courageous, but stick to their default cowardly state in WILFULL ignorance.

      It was once said (during WW1) that the English were Lions led by Donkeys because of the gross stupidity of sending thousands of men into machine gun fire and refusing to take account of the human losses with utterly callous and hardened hearts. Those soldiers could refuse, but they would be shot for cowardice (????). The theatres may change, but that shit-show is still the same play being played out today.

      The Canary stands nearly alone in not being cowards. They, against the odds are doing what Julian Assange was doing, exposing the criminality of those whos greatest desire is to control us, beat us, and murder us just so they can feel superior to everyone else, and so they can satisfy their blood-lust, their money-lust, and their criminal intentions, which WE are not allowed to have (at least not too the dizzying levels they allow themselves).

      I call on all those in the police force, those in law, those in the media, those in business, those at home, and particularly those in the military who beleive in real humanity and real justice (those of you who are true warriors), to join forces and REFUSE in the first instance to carry out any order that denigrates us and our nation any further, and in the second instance to peacefully, but forcefully remove Julian Assange from prison and free him against the orders from those who are supposed to behave MUCH better than they are currently doing, and make this a PRECEDENT for our nation to follow in future.

      Stop giving politicians the power to turn us against each other, stop giving power to those who are traitors to our nation (that is those who have used their powerful positions to corrupt the very nation) to all we were taught to stand for.

      It’s time that we took our country back from criminals, it’s time we overhauled all the places of power and removed the cancerous rot that is cronyism, and it is time that we simply said NO! You will NOT do this in OUR name, you will NOT continue your treason against this nation.

      We need a healthy political system, a healthy miltary, a healthy legal system, healthy business practices, healthy public services like the Police, and a healthy media. With just one of these being corrupted, we are all made un healthy, and we all suffer a myriad of painful cuts that cause this nation to bleed-out from it’s own self-inflicted wounds. The Americans are widening those wounds with their own corrupt practices and Global Empire desires.

      If Julian Assange is not freed (and compensated heavily), then stop pretending we have ANY form of democracy or decency, stop using the word Democracy or Democratic in our language, and call our nation what it actually is – a burgeoning beurocratic autocratic oligarchy comprised of two classes – The Criminal Class (Them), and the Slave Class (Us).

    2. Was Baraitser clever or stupid? Her decision to refuse extradition on the grounds of mental health means now that ONLY issues pertaining to that can be discussed. The real meat of the case is completely off the table..

    3. I wish to express my solidarity with Julian & his family. This is a very sad day, but it was inevitable. This is a warning to anyone who exposes war crimes. I think Baraitser didn’t want to be the one who extradited Assange, but also didn’t want to cross the Americans, so passed the judgement to make it easy for the next judge to extradite him. Julian is now at the mercy of Priti Patel, he would probably stand more chance with Gengis Kahn.

    4. High Court hands Priti Patel final decision on US extradition of Julian Assange.
      Now your screwed Julian if you cannot fund the Tory party with private cash Ms Petal will send you packing of the U.S.A.
      At lease us British taxpayer will not have to keep footing your stay here bills SIR
      (Bye -Bye good luck in the U.S. courts)

    5. Just how despicable are these judges?
      Just how despicable is the justice system?
      Just how despicable are our mainstream journalists?
      First they came for the journalists, then they came for…….
      For people who are supposed to represent fairness and justice, I am outraged at their complete lack of compassion.
      How do they sleep at night?
      Poor, poor Julian and his family….. I could weep!

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