What you don’t see with seafood

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Image description

This cartoon begins by depicting a smiling person holding a shopping bag and standing in front of a counter with a big sign that reads “Fresh Seafood”. On the counter are are three containers with labels as follows; the first is labelled “prawns”and contains five prawns, the next is labelled “catch of the day” and contains one big dead fish, the final one is labeled “fish” and contains four dead fish. Beneath that, the same person is depicted looking unhappy and is standing next to a counter with a big sign that reads “What you don’t see food”. On that counter are the following three labelled containers; the first is labelled “slavery” and contains four ball and chains, the next is labelled “Bycatch of the day” and is filled to overflowing with a whole host of dead ocean creatures, including dolphins, sharks and rays. The final bin is labelled “ocean plastics” and is overflowing with fishing nets, one of which has a turtle tangled in it.

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