A beautiful ad just stuck two massive fingers up at Donald Trump, on prime-time TV [VIDEO]

Sophia Akram

Travel industry giant Airbnb used its spot during the Super Bowl on 5 February to stream an advert promoting multiculturalism and acceptance.

The company displayed an ad with a poignant message for both the US and its new President. The short advert appeared on the stadium’s giant screens during the interval of the American Football finale. It showed faces of men and women from a number of different ethnicities, and it said:

No matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or who you worship, we all belong.

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Airbnb is a home-sharing company, and has come under some scrutiny itself for its own practices. But its Super Bowl ad seemed to be very popular on social media.

Twitter response

Around 25,000 people had retweeted the ad by 6 February, and it quickly began to trend on Twitter. Those commenting on it used the hashtag #WeAccept.

Many people were very appreciative of Airbnb’s efforts:

Others, however, were not impressed:

Target audience

The Super Bowl is the biggest event in the American sporting calendar, and advertising is consequently at an absolute premium. Last year, 114 million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl. And this year, Donald Trump was one of them:

The Airbnb advert is especially relevant for coming in the middle of President Trump’s attempted ‘Muslim ban’. A controversial measure which has impacted on refugees and nationals from seven different Muslim-majority countries. And a move which is likely to do little to prevent terrorism.

As such, the ad’s message will serve as a timely reminder to the watching President that his intolerant and counterproductive ideas are not shared by everyone.

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