Protesters attacked by the police and their allies have the moral right to defend themselves

US police drive into protesters
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Across the US, Black Lives Matter protesters are under violent attack by the police and the national guard. Far-right white supremacists are also visible. But people can only take so much, and if attacked, protesters have a moral right to defend themselves.

State violence

The assaults on protesters by police and the national guard have been widespread.

For example, in Chicago:

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In Louisville, police shot at cars:

In a Minneapolis suburb, national guards in Humvees fired rubber bullets at residents in their homes:

In Buffalo, New York, police callously knocked down an elderly gentleman who could easily have died:

All across the USA

All across the US, police let loose:

And there’s more:

Philadelphia attack

On 5 June, police officers with batons confronted a small group of Black Lives Matter protesters and viciously assaulted them. A police inspector was subsequently charged with aggravated assault.

The day before, a group of men in riot gear appeared near the White House in a ‘uniform’ but without identification badges, insignia, or name tags. Their presence presumably was to intimidate Black Lives Matter protesters:

Boogaloo Bois

There are also well-established far-right militias, such as the Boogaloo Bois, who appear to be exploiting the crisis. Three men associated with the Boogaloo Bois were arrested earlier this month in Las Vegas, accused of conspiring to incite violence. In particular, conspiracy to “damage and destroy by fire and explosive, and possession of unregistered firearms”. The three had been on their way to a George Floyd protest while possessing Molotov cocktails.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC), the Boogaloo started as a meme that:

emerged concurrently in antigovernment and white power online spaces in the early 2010s. In both of these communities, “boogaloo” was frequently associated with racist violence and, in many cases, was an explicit call for race war. Today the term is regularly deployed by white nationalists and neo-Nazis who want to see society descend into chaos so that they can come to power and build a new fascist state.

SPLC adds how Boogaloo:

posters use terms such as “the day of the rope world revolution boogaloo,” a reference to a day when “race traitors” are lynched in the racist novel “The Turner Diaries.”

Fake Antifa

There was also a report that Identity Evropa (IE), a US-based white nationalist group, had created a fake Antifa (anti-fascist) group and called for violence. In a tweet, later removed by Twitter, the group, posting as @ANTIFA_US, tweeted:

Tonight’s the night, Comrades… Tonight we say ‘F— The City’ and we move into the residential areas… the white hoods…. and we take what’s ours …”

IE’s chat channel, called Nice Respectable People Group, was leaked to Unicorn Riot and its raw racist and fascist ideologies exposed. IE is apparently now morphing into a new guise, the American Identity Movement (AIM)

Meanwhile, SPLC has identified more than 500 far-right so-called ‘anti-government’ groups across the US, of which just under 200 can be described as militias.

Fight back

The demonstrations in the US and elsewhere are not just about the horrific murder of George Floyd, but about wider inequalities and failure of governments.

It’s fight back time. Indeed, after the August 2017 attack by the far-right on peaceful protesters Charlottesville, UK journalist Paul Mason commented:

We should have stopped this long ago. Charlottesville is the wake-up call to progressives everywhere. …

If someone is waging a culture war against you, at some point you have to fight back.

This is how the fight back is done in Greece:

And for inspiration closer to home, Americans need look no further than the Zapatista revolution in Chiapas, Mexico, where thousands now live peacefully, without government, politicians, or big business.

People don’t have to accept being attacked by police or their allies as the norm. And if the law cannot or will not protect them, then they have a moral right to defend themselves.

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    1. What amazes me here is that this failed state seems unable to see that shooting rubber bullets at residents on their doorsteps and using extreme violence against peaceful protesters. Doesn’t end the protest doesn’t stop more people joining the protest or even control the protest.

      Remember these are the same peacekeeping forces that bring war and suffering to nations that they claim to be bringing democracy to. Tell that to the 3,000,000 Civilians that have died as a direct Result of the war in Iraq.

      I thought the U.K. was going rapidly down the track to destruction but it appears the US has already arrived at the station. Change is coming but I’m not sure it’s the good guys that will bring it.

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