Labour has teamed up with the Sun AGAIN – this time to help burn the planet

Labour leader Keir Starmer and the Sun logo
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The Labour Party under Keir Starmer clearly doesn’t give two shits about a) the victims of the Hillsborough disaster, b) working-class people, and now c) the planet. This is because shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves has teamed up with right-wing shitrag the Sun. However, it’s not the first time Starmer and his team have endorsed the right-wing tabloid.

Labour: giving the Sun exclusives

As the Sun itself reported, Reeves has ‘backed’ calls to freeze fuel duty for motorists. The tabloid marked the article as an ‘exclusive’. This means that the party has given the Sun first dibs on the story. It noted that:

Reeves is demanding Jeremy Hunt spares drivers from an increase at the pumps in his next Budget.

She points to official analysis showing motorists face a 12p per litre hike if Ministers raise the petrol levy by inflation and end the temporary 5p cut.

The Sun quoted Reeves as saying:

With so many families and businesses reliant on their cars, the government must rule out yet another fuel duty rise at the Budget to ease some of those pressures and prevent yet another shock to our economy.

The tabloid also quoted the founder of campaign group FairFuelUK, Howard Cox, who called Reeves’ announcement:

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gobsmacking political about-face that will secure votes for Labour…

The traditional party of lower taxation, the Tories, are being trumped by Keir Starmer’s common sense and surprising new support for drivers.

Of course, the Sun failed to mention that an investigation by openDemocracy found that Cox has a financial interest in lobbying for lower fuel tax. This is because he:

owns a business that markets a fuel additive called Ultimum5, for which he owns the trademark.

Cross the floor, Starmer, and be done with it

So, Labour has not only happily given exclusives to the Sun but has also (maybe inadvertently) been backing a right-wing lobby group in the process. If you need reminding why the party should not be anywhere near this tabloid, the Canary‘s Joe Glenton wrote:

The Sun‘s reporting of the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster led to the newspaper being despised and boycotted in the city. Following the disaster, in which 96 people died, the Sun made false claims, including that fans pickpocketed the bodies of victims.

On top of all this, Labour has also shoved its climate crisis-fighting credentials up its own arse. This is because fuel duty is one way of limiting carbon emissions. As DeSmog wrote:

According to analysis by Carbon Brief, the [freezing of fuel duty] policy has led to road transport emissions being as much as 16 percent higher (or 5 percent across the whole economy) than they would have been, had the last Labour government’s fuel duty “escalator”, which upped the levy by slightly more than inflation each year, been maintained.

Lose-lose all round for the Labour Party, then. On top of this, as Glenton previously wrote, Starmer has already written for the Sun as Labour leader. Moreover, he allowed the shitrag to be at the party’s 2021 conference. There is nothing ‘Labour’ about endorsing a lying tabloid to win votes – but then, Starmer and his motley crew would be more at home in the Tory Party anyway.

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    1. This, and the stuff over the last week where they’ve basically stated their intention to dismantle the NHS and give it to the private health industry: this is going to be really hard, but at the next election, we cannot vote Labour.

      If the conservatives dismantled the NHS, then someone from the opposition would feel compelled to condemn them for it. But if Labour do it, the conservatives will egg them on and say they aren’t going far enough. At this point in history a Labour government is far more dangerous than a conservative one.

      Additionally: if THIS labour party wins an election, they will immediately claim, essentially, that the s*n’s diagnosis is correct, and that adopting conservative policies is the reason they won the election, and we can thereafter safely assume that the conservative colonisation of the labour party will be locked in for at least anther 30 years. They, the Labour Party, will destroy the NHS, state education and everything else of value in the country, and indeed the country itself: I note that Starmer continues to say he will resist the Scottish Government’s acceptance of gender self-ID. Given that young people vote Labour considerably more than older age groups, and left-leaning young people are very committed to trans rights, this seems like they are committting suicide in Scotland. The inevitable result of this, along with Starmer’s pro-Brexit stance and all his other conservative policies, will be the dissolution of the UK.

      We can’t afford 30 years of these disgusting politics. The only realistic way I can see that is to burn the centrists out of Labour, and if that fails, burn the party to the ground and make a new one. To achieve either, Labour must lose the next election.

      It’s a horrifying thing. Even if it means the conservatives win (which would in any case make a minimal difference). Pain for a further 5 years is better than pain for a further 30. The planet, the country, our culture and society do not have another 30 years. To save all of us, Labour must lose the next election. We must not vote Labour.

    2. It would be much better environmentally, more inclusive and safer if whoever was in government would focus on investing in a decent well coordinated public transport system. Many people are unable to afford a car or cannot drive for various reasons. Often one of the main objections from locals when builders are seeking permission to build another estate is the extra traffic that it will generate on already congested roads as well as higher accident statistics on the approaching trunk roads.

    3. Only the other day I was thinking when will Keir Starmer be regularly ingratiating himself with rightwing rags, particularly those of the proprietorship of Rupert Murdoch in order he [Starmer] gains required kudos from tyrants and grubby newspaper potentates that’ll facilitate with patronising niceties written in columns encouragements to us that read ordure daily to vote for Tory-lite Keir? They did it with Tony Blair didn’t they ~ such that Blair was nobbled of all his reason to be godfather to a media tyrant’s child?

    4. I do find this a bit naive, to be honest: I think all his careful behaviour is just to get the Right wig media on his side! We know why …: the horrendous Murdoch always gets the PM he wants (-though nearly didn’t in 2017!)

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