The Daily Mail is actually asking how everyone got so racist. Its own readers are replying in full.

Daily Mail
Kerry-anne Mendoza

Without irony, the Daily Mail would like to know why the racist far right are on the rise across Europe. Unfortunately for the paper, its readers gave the game away in the comments section.

Why so racist?

Despite stoking the fires of bigotry on a daily basis, the Daily Mail likes to pretend it’s no friend of the far right. During the last week, the paper has charged into the antisemitism row as if it were the defender of liberal values everywhere.

Sadly, Daily Mail readers were reluctant to play along. Instead, they told the paper exactly why they’re turning to the far right: because they have chosen to indulge their prejudices, just like the Daily Mail told them to:

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The Daily Mail Comments parody Twitter account stepped in to help the Daily Mail understand how past articles promoted this prejudice. Here are just a few examples:

And then, of course, there is all of this…

Who are you kidding?

The Daily Mail has spent decades weaponising prejudice to convince people to vote against their own interests. It is a giant distraction machine, churning out nightmares. Its job is to keep poor people obsessing over their equally poor Romanian neighbour. Because that way, they won’t ask questions about the economic system or the political operators responsible for their poverty. And every single person who buys into these scare stories – whatever their wealth, status, or political affiliation – is doing their work for them.

Racism is everyone’s problem. It’s past time we grew beyond it. Let’s not kid ourselves that the Daily Mail is going to be leading that charge.

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