Today is a very important day but Theresa May is probably hoping you don’t notice

Theresa May looking nervous
Emily Apple

Today is a very important day. But Theresa May is likely hoping you don’t notice. Because it’s the last day you can register to vote in the local and mayoral elections taking place on 4 May.

Registration closes at midnight. You can register to vote if you’re going to be 18 or over on 3 May. EU nationals can also register to vote if they are living in the UK. Not all areas are holding elections, but you can find out whether elections are taking place in your region here.

A reminder

People have taken to Twitter to remind potential voters about the deadline:

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Others reminded people how quick it was to register:

And some gave reminders of all the reasons we have to vote:

Theresa May and democracy

May doesn’t appear to like democracy very much. She’s clinging onto power through dodgy deals with the DUP. She’s brought in sweeping powers for the government to legislate the Brexit transition without the need for a parliamentary vote. And she’s just decided she can drop bombs on Syria without consulting parliament.

But May’s contempt for democracy is unsurprising. After all, she was the person who took us into a general election expecting a landslide victory, only to have her majority slashed. Her expectations can’t be much better for the local elections given that in London, the Conservatives could see a “record defeat”.

Voting must never be the start and end of our political engagement. It’s just one tool in a big box. But it is a tool, and we should use it. This is our opportunity to send a clear message to May and her cronies. Let’s do it.

Get Involved:

– Register to vote here.

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