Theresa May tried to boast about her record in government. Labour’s David Lammy tore her apart.

Theresa May and David Lammy
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On 27 June, Britain’s beleaguered prime minister attempted to say her government is delivering for everyone:

But Labour MP David Lammy wasn’t having any of it.

Torn apart

Theresa May gave 15 examples of how the government is delivering for everyone, ranging from slashing stamp duty to the expansion of Heathrow.

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But it backfired, as Lammy tore her record apart in response:

Lammy called on members of the public to give their own suggestions as to whom this government has failed. They didn’t disappoint:

The suggestions kept rolling in until they had absolutely trounced May’s fifteen examples:

Theresa ‘wheat runner’ May

People didn’t even need Lammy to counter May’s ridiculous claims. They saw through her lack of sincerity the same way they saw through Boris Johnson’s mini-break to Afghanistan:

And they fact-checked her boasts:

One response laid bare the personal cost of May’s hostile environment:

And while Theresa ‘wheat runner‘ May is at large, of course, our countryside will never be safe:


No government in history could seriously claim that it’s delivering for everyone. Yet May’s record makes her boasting particularly outlandish:

Thankfully, it didn’t go unchallenged.

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Featured image via BBC – screengrab / RTUK – YouTube

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