The video that the ‘get Corbyn’ media machine would prefer you didn’t see

Jeremy Corbyn
Ed Sykes

Amid the corporate media’s ‘get Corbyn’ campaign, a brilliant video is re-emerging on social media. And it’s one that Jeremy Corbyn’s enemies would probably prefer you didn’t see.

In 2016, journalist Mehdi Hasan shared the following video. In it, he reveals the hypocrisy of Israel apologists who try to smear their opponents as terrorists. And his argument is the perfect response to the smears Corbyn is currently facing over his consistent support for Palestinian rights.

‘Terrorism’ is an incredibly emotive word. That’s precisely why unscrupulous politicians and media outlets often use it to smear their opponents – just as they have against Corbyn in recent days. And they’ve been using that tactic ever since Corbyn became Labour Party leader in 2015.

But more and more people are learning to see through the spin. And challenging it – like Hasan does above – is precisely what Corbyn supporters need to do to fight back against the constant media attacks.

All war is terrorism

War is always horrific. The Nazis’ Holocaust was one of history’s biggest acts of terrorism. Western governments, meanwhile, once thought it was fine to kill up to 25,000 people in three days (Dresden, 1945) and almost 200,000 people with just two nuclear strikes (Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 1945). And there have been numerous acts of state terror and non-state terror ever since.

Israeli apartheid and occupation of Palestine, of course, is one of the world’s biggest political controversies. And there have been numerous acts of terror from both sides. From Israel’s 2014 assault on Gaza (which killed at least 1,483 Palestinian civilians) to the Black September group’s murder of 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team in 1972, and from the right-wing Zionist attack on the King David Hotel in 1946 (which killed 91 people) to the Coastal Road Massacre of 1978 (when Palestinian militants killed 38 civilians), the suffering seems endless.

As Hasan points out, we must not allow the Israeli government to manipulate and dominate the debate. Because it will always seek to portray itself in a positive light whilst demonising its opponents. And as Jeremy Corbyn insisted this week:

You cannot pursue peace by a cycle of violence; the only way you can pursue peace [is] by a cycle of dialogue.

The anti-Corbyn smears will keep coming. So fighting back is more important than ever.

It’s often easy to pick a side in wars (especially if they’re ‘invaders vs invaded’, ‘colonisers vs colonised’, or ‘occupiers vs occupied’), but it’s much harder to stand up against all violence – including when the people responsible are fighting for a cause we support. But Jeremy Corbyn is someone who has consistently done that. And that’s why he has won numerous peace prizes. In 2017, for example, he received the Séan MacBride Peace Prize for:

his sustained and powerful political work for disarmament and peace

As Corbyn has insisted himself:

He’s right. We need to oppose all political violence, wherever it may be and whoever carries it out. And to end such violence, we need to stop smearing our opponents and start talking to them instead.

The smears will keep coming. But we can, and must, fight back. And in that fight, the most effective weapon is the truth.

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