A Tory minister gives the most chilling response to scrutiny ever

Caroline Nokes
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On 21 November, Labour’s Yvette Cooper – chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee – questioned immigration minister Caroline Nokes. But Nokes got her ‘facts’ completely wrong. And her responses were perhaps some of the most chilling from a Tory MP ever.

“Rodent-infested accommodation”

The session was part of an ongoing inquiry into “serious defects” with accommodation for asylum seekers. Cooper questioned Nokes about the appalling conditions of some homes following a “damning” report in July. And she tried to establish if anyone from the Home Office had taken any steps to resolve the issue. But Nokes denied having the relevant information to follow this up and blamed NGOs for not knowing or revealing where some of the worst houses were. So Cooper offered to help and said:

This afternoon we will ask what property this is and we would be grateful if somebody could go and visit and make sure that we… don’t still have seven mothers with children under two years old, months after this report was done, still living in this terrible rodent-infested accommodation.

When challenged about why she’d not followed this up, Nokes got more defensive, claiming that she wasn’t ‘telepathic’. And her icy words were matched by her body language as she got more confrontational.

But it didn’t stop there.

Tory ice queen

Later in the session, Cooper announced that the Home Office already had the relevant information, and that it was happy to provide it again if Nokes and her team “have somehow lost this information”. She continued:

To be honest, minister, you didn’t need telepathy; all you needed was a telephone in order to be able to ring up and find this information.

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Nokes replied “I would be very pleased to receive it”. But her tone and delivery was possibly the most chilling thing any Tory has ever demonstrated in public.

Many people have known for a long time that there’s nothing but contempt and bile behind many Tory ministers’ fake smiles and soft voices. But with this latest performance, we’ve just seen the mask slip yet again.

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    1. Questions plus points for all parties in Govt
      “I a free British voter would like answer to please!
      If a No deal vote is NO to C**p withdrawal bill,
      of Ms. Mays that will sell us leave voter out to E.U.
      rules still will all the immigration problem go away?
      (” I think Not as we need Migrant workers FULL STOP!)
      And the Tory party needs the funding form the Big firm,
      that make deal with Tory Govt Minister to get outside
      of U.K. Migrant workers, to work for low wages t profits,
      in Big firm does not go down A FACT!
      (This practice is in force now by Tory Govt)
      What we free voter think will happen after March 2019
      leaving date (if Tory Govt is still in power that is?)
      They will empty all of U.K. of Migrant people here now
      being paid their parties living wages now.
      will then import Migrant that will not be covered
      by laws to get the Tory living wages so the big firm
      then can continue to pay slave wages to the new
      Migrant people coming here for jobs!
      Therefore, Immigration of Migrant workers,
      will not Go down a fact! the goal post has,
      been moved that’s all? to make room for,
      slave migrant Labour in our country,
      (on low wages)
      under Tory rule that keep the big firms’
      broad members happy and making,
      big profits that fund Tory Govt!
      That run the employment market now.
      If what “I have put here in this post dose not?
      unfold after March 2019
      That means we HAVE NOT LEFT E.U. FULL-STOP!
      And Tory Govt have lied to us leave voters again!

    2. On another matter about Tory Party
      their cuts to N.H.S.local area N.H.S.services
      like our in Lancashire (Pendle area)
      Run by a full Tory County Council members,
      plus a Tory M.P. A Stephenson where no help is
      given by any Tory party member to us resident
      in Pendle area now!
      Mental health services are ‘failing’
      my stepdaughter, claims Colne stepfather
      Please read on!
      voter + residents of Pendle area.
      To see in this article No one is listening to you,
      or your stepdaughter SIR! (but not surprised)

      “I was you SIR “I would have a go at Pendle Cllr
      Joe Cooney plus Paul white to sort out this mess
      with our N.H.S. serves that the Tory Lancashire Cllr
      have been fined for illegally deals within the N.H.S.
      serves in our area of Pendle Lancashire.
      Also voted for all the cuts to come in 2019 2020
      the Old cuts -plus the New being implemented by
      Tory Govt to our N.H.S. serves,
      in Pendle + Colne area.
      To get what we need now in Pendle area we MUST!
      and will hold all Tory Cllr + Tory voters to,
      account now for them voting plus supporting,
      all cuts to our Pendle area now.
      In addition, could be thinking of putting our,
      Council tax bills up by another 8% to pay for pay rise
      within the Pendle Tory run Cllr here?
      But no help for your ILL Granddaughter SIR.
      HOPE your granddaughter get the help she needs.

    3. new update on another Tory problem
      Brexit latest news Britain accused of caving,
      in over Gibraltar live updates,
      As well as Tory party members plus Ms. May selling,
      us U.K. resident out to E.U.
      27–Country she could have sold off Gibraltar,
      + all British people to Spain?
      Just to get her votes to pass her stupid withdrawal,
      bills to be backed, by all 27-Country in E.U. area.
      “I ask myself what did Tory party bed partners,
      D.U.P. of Northern Ireland have to say in Gibraltar
      deal struck by Ms. May did they say yes to her deal?
      on Gibraltar yes or no?
      Well leave voted did we vote for this to happen yes or no?
      Me as a free voter that voted to leave did not vote to leave,
      E.U. and our British Tory Govt to sell off our area of U.K.
      Plus, over area territories like Gibraltar and its’
      British people living there?
      Ms. May plus her front bench Minister have now gone too far,
      bowing down to E.U. Country and destroying our country,
      plus, over areas of our British realm in E.U. areas.
      British voter time for a NEW-G.E. fast before we have no U.K.
      left or any E.U. U.K. owned Ireland’s left under Tory Rule.
      that they can and will tune over to E.U. Countries as part,
      of any deals they do with E.U. 27 Country now after,
      March 2019 — D-Day (we may leave E.U. mess)
      However, we British voters got No guarantees,
      under Tory Govt + Ms. May now.
      On will we leave or not? And what will it cost us British,
      taxpayer Ms. May this Gibraltar deal.
      (well how much cash will we have to pay Spain Ms. May?)

    4. NEW update on a Tory party matter
      Plus a freedom of speech matter has well voters.
      Please read on.

      LINK to post 25.11.2018.

      WHY as this political home paper
      Refused my post below? Readers plus U.K.
      voters as “I only asked a question of our,
      Minister Mr. Javid plus told you all about the
      disagreement the two Minister are having now
      over cash to Mr. Javid DEPT ONLY, before all hell,
      breaks out in March 2019 (D-DAY)
      With new Tory Govt immigration laws to be passed
      Head line on Politics Home web-paper below.
      Sajid Javid and Philip Hammond ‘in row with,
      Number 10’ over plans to rush through,
      post-Brexit immigration shake-up
      Residents all of U.K. that believe in free speech.
      Plus, Full accountability of all Govt Members.
      “I posted this below on Politics Home webpage
      But they did not keep it on their web-pages why?
      “I only put true information plus asked,
      Mr. Javid Minister of Migrant people plus their laws
      A person question ONLY!
      My question to Mr. Javid
      Have your mum & dad registered for British clientship
      And paid in Full the fee that all Migrant people “have,
      to pay up front now to register for British citizenship,
      before, March 2019?
      Also hope Mr. Javid NO taxpayer money was used in,
      their citizenship Paperwork fees to stay in U.K. SIR.
      Now “my response to the article I read on the matter,
      Of Mr. Javid + Hammons having a go at one another
      “I believe it was really about funding Mr. Javid’s DEPT
      After March 2019 when his new laws come into effect.
      That relates to Migrant people already living + working,
      in U.K, now in all manner of jobs.
      I.E. the removal of them out of U.K. if they do not have the
      Paperwork in place or in their hands to prove British,
      citizenship in U.K. after March 2019.
      Remembering all voter!
      Of Tory party plus NONE voter of, Tory party the problem,
      of us leaving the EU and with Migrant people now
      Was of Tory Govt making was it Not voters? Yes, it was
      By way of referendum vote X Tory Prime Minister,
      David Cameron put to, Public vote to keep his job ONLY.
      Then lost that vote and did a runner on our country,
      plus, his own Tory party,
      so why hide the truth Politic Home Bosses.

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