Theresa May just directly contradicted her own chancellor at PMQs

Theresa May and Philip Hammond
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On 28 November, chancellor Philip Hammond spoke about the financial analysis of Theresa May’s Brexit deal. His view is that the UK will be worse off with the deal than staying in Europe.

But several hours later, Theresa May directly contradicted her chancellor at Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs). May stated that:

This analysis does

not show that we’ll be poorer in the future than we are today… No, it doesn’t…It shows we’ll be better off with this deal.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this led people to wonder which one of them is telling the truth.

Better off in Europe

Speaking on the BBC, Hammond stated that:

If the only consideration was the economy, then the analysis shows clearly that remaining in the European Union would be a better outcome for the economy.

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Although Hammond does concede that the deal wouldn’t leave the UK worse off “by much”, the fact remains he is clear that the UK would be better off financially inside the EU.

Many people, including journalists and politicians, were somewhat stunned by Hammond’s analysis:

Enter Theresa

But hours later, May was on hand to contradict the chancellor when Jeremy Corbyn questioned her over the analysis.

This led people to ask which one of them was telling the truth:

And it has, according to journalist Josiah Mortimer, led opposition parties to look at whether May was misleading parliament:

One social media user summed up the situation:

Where’s Philip?

Meanwhile, Hammond appears to have disappeared. Corbyn commented that he would have questioned him directly but:

He doesn’t appear to be here this morning to be consulted.

Hammond was indeed missing from PMQs and the Urgent Question John McDonnell tabled about the Brexit economic analysis.

His absence led social media users to ask if he’d been “disappeared”:

Other’s speculated he might be “locked in a cupboard”:

Another day, another Brexit mess

It seems as though May cannot get through a day without yet another Brexit mess. She may be putting her “heart and soul” into selling the deal to the population, but it doesn’t appear many people are buying it. In fact, she’s managed to agree a deal that angers people on all sides of the Brexit debate.

Now, as her chancellor admits the UK will be worse off after Brexit, May is putting her fingers in her ears and contradicting him. It reeks of desperation.

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