One ‘gentle’ sentence from Jeremy Corbyn disgraced every single Tory MP at PMQs

Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs
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In one ‘gentle’ comment at Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs), Jeremy Corbyn disgraced every single Conservative MP in the chamber.


The Labour leader focused on issues other than Brexit during the session. And since consecutive Conservative-led governments have decimated many aspects of public life over the last eight years, there’s no shortage of topics for him to choose from.

So Corbyn took a swipe at the government’s failing benefit payment, universal credit. He also raised the recent devastating UN report on austerity and poverty in Britain. Corbyn then spoke about foodbanks, and the recent ‘interest’ they have gained from Conservative MPs. He said:

The Trussell Trust has also pointed out that foodbanks face record demand this December. I just gently say to her and the members behind her, foodbanks are not just a photo opportunity for Conservative MPs who themselves… supported the cuts in benefit that have led to the poverty in this country.

As the Canary previously reported, Conservative MPs have been falling over each other to visit foodbanks of late. Numerous MPs then posted pictures of themselves doing so. That’s why Corbyn called them out in the commons for using foodbanks as a “photo opportunity”. And he also pointed out that those MPs righteously posing for these publicity shots have voted for the very cuts that made foodbanks necessary in the first place.


The level of hypocrisy, cynicism and indifference to people’s suffering such public displays reveal is staggering. But it’s not unusual. Indeed, when Corbyn raised the fact that the chief economist at the Bank of England described the last 10 years as a “lost decade” for wages, Theresa May laughed:

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After Corbyn called her out for chuckling, the prime minister defended her party’s choice to throw millions of people under the bus. She said Conservative governments had to make “difficult decisions” because Labour financially crippled the country the last time it held power.

This isn’t true. A global financial crash in 2008, originating in the US, crippled the UK financially, along with many other countries in the world. Meanwhile, the UK government didn’t make “difficult decisions” affecting the wealthiest in Britain, just ones that would screw over the most disadvantaged people.

In reality, consecutive Conservative governments have made the ideological choice to shrink the state in terms of the support it provides to people most in need and to the wider population. And now MPs from that governing party are promoting themselves as champions of those left destitute as a result.

They’re an absolute disgrace.

Featured image via RT UK/YouTube

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    1. If they are using these visits as photo-opportunities, how about collecting the photos all together, naming the MPs and saying which ones voted for cuts? That might be a way of nipping their cynicism in the bud.

    2. Our local MP (Damion Moore) appeared at the Salvation Army cafe / community centre here in Southport – spending around an hour (with unpaid for nibbles and drinks) sat in the cafe talking to a couple of “officials”. I was there supporting a client with learning disabilities who volunteers at the cafe. It was more than tempting to tell him a few home truths – sadly – I didn’t because it would not have been professional. He posed for pictures outside on his way out – pictures that appeared in the local papers over Christmas. The mendacious little obfuscation monkey has also visited our local food bank – again posing with the obligatory cheesy smiles for the local press. Frankly, the whole thing makes me feel sick. Political bullshit wrapped in a candy coating – but bullshit nevertheless.

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