Leaked WhatsApp messages show Tory MPs freaking out over facing Corbyn in an election

Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs

Leaked WhatsApp messages display Conservative MPs freaking out over facing Jeremy Corbyn in an election. On 3 February, Sunday papers speculated that Theresa May could call an election for 6 June. And Tory MPs were aghast at the prospect.

“Very unsettling”

The messages, leaked to BuzzFeed, show Conservative MP Conor Burns was particularly concerned at the prospect. Other MPs agreed, demanding that Conservative chairman Brandon Lewis totally rule-out a June election:

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When Lewis didn’t respond, Conservative MPs panicked further:

Publicly, Downing Street has denied reports of an incoming election. But Lewis refused to totally rule it out in the WhatsApp group:

Meanwhile, a former spokesperson for Corbyn, Matt Zarb-Cousin, speculated that May might be talking up an election to pressure her MPs to back her Brexit deal.


On WhatsApp, the discontent continued:

Lewis eventually responded, saying the party is “not looking” for an election (but getting the year wrong in the process):

Labour teed up an election victory

There’s a good reason Conservative MPs are frightened. Although Labour didn’t win the 2017 election, the party made significant gains and teed up a win for next time. 36 of the party’s top target seats have majorities of less than 2,000. Dozens of seats now have a high chance of turning red. In 2017, Corbyn’s Labour also broke records by leaping over 20 points in the polls and increasing the party’s vote share by more than at any general election since 1945. And this time the starting point is looking much better. Overall, the parties are broadly neck and neck in the polls.

So it’s no wonder Conservative MPs are panicking. They certainly should be.

Featured image via Politics Live/ BBC

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    1. Ok, I’ve got an idea. Since we badly need a new government, but the Tories’s priority is to cling to their seats as long as they no matter the consequences, I think we should help them, give them a nudge.

      Sun Tzu, in The Art of War says: “appear weak when you a strong, strong when you are weak”….

      Let’s spread rumours of split that doesn’t exist. Let’s go to You Gov and other polling companies inducting surveys online to show a Tory surge in support.

      Let’s give them a false sense of security to tempt them to declare early elections.

      Is it a daft plan?

      1. “Spread rumours of a split that doesn’t exist. Go to the hated right-wing press and other media companies poisoning citizens minds to encourage a Tory surge in support” (I paraphrase)…

        …Isn’t that what certain Labour MP’s have been doing for years now — and they’re *still* at it?

        What ARE we going to do?… and WHEN???

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