BREAKING: 7 Labour MPs announce resignation from party to form new ‘Independent Group’

Chuka Umunna at launch of the Independent Group
Nathan Griffiths

7 Labour MPs have officially announced their resignations from the Labour Party.

The 7 MPs are as follows.

  • Chuka Umunna
  • Luciana Berger
  • Chris Leslie
  • Angela Smith
  • Mike Gapes
  • Gavin Shuker
  • Ann Coffey

They made the announcement just after 10am on 18 February, days after pledges for the party’s unity went viral.

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The movement of newly independent MPs calls itself “The Independent Group“.

Defecting MPs will not be calling by-elections in their constituencies. Many commentators have called on defectors to call by-elections, claiming their increased majorities were largely down to Corbyn’s progressive Labour manifesto.

History suggests that the new movement’s only impact will be to meddle with left / liberal politics. And this will simply enable the continuation of misery and hardship at the hands of the Conservative party.

Feature image via Screengrab/BBC News 

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