Tory minister baffles a nation with incredible doublespeak outside parliament

David Mundell outside Westminster 27/02/18
Stefan Schmid

Conservative minister David Mundell showcased the most incredible bit of doublespeak outside parliament on 27 February.

ITV asked the Scotland secretary about the SNP’s amendment to block a no-deal Brexit. In response, Mundell made the extraordinary claim that the SNP was trying to bring about a no-deal situation.

By putting forward a bid to block it? Okay…

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Mundell in a muddle

The SNP put down an amendment to rule out no-deal “under any circumstances”. They lost the vote by 288 to 324.

Mundell has previously threatened to resign over the EU deal. He was among those who voted against the SNP motion. And his incredible interview was soon doing the rounds on social media:

The Scotland secretary was quizzed on the SNP motion that evening. He told the interviewer he didn’t want to leave without a deal, before saying:

Tonight’s SNP amendment, in my view, was just a stunt. The SNP all the time claim that they don’t want no-deal, but everything they actually do, generally, is about contriving to bring about no-deal, because they believe that is actually the best backdrop – that chaos, that disruption – for their independence agenda.

Just to recap quickly, the SNP tried to block no-deal. Mundell voted against that.

“Watched this four times now and it still makes absolutely no sense”

Social media users were not too kind to the senior minister. Former SNP MP John Nicholson tweeted:

Scottish journalist Iain Macwhirter also questioned Mundell’s logic:

As did SNP head of communications Tom French:

Mundell’s comments can easily be dismissed as ridiculous – mostly because they are. But they also show the incredible lack of logic present among high-ranking officials in this government.

If the Conservatives continue along this path, the union might really be in trouble.

Featured image via Twitter – Representing Border

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    1. If you haven’t noticed that the union is already in trouble, because of the way Westminster has treated Scotland all the way through the brexit negotiations, you haven’t been paying attention.

      The best thing about brexit is it shows how unequal the so called “family of nations” really is. The Tory party are the gift that keeps on giving to the cause of independence and have pushed support up.

      Fluffy Mundell is seen as Westminster’s man in Scotland and a quisling. He’s no friend of Scotland and is only looking to get the ermine robe at some point that’s why he’s such a sycophantic weasel with absolutely no backbone or morals.

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