Over a million people just well and truly stuck it to Theresa May

Theresa May
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On 20 March, Theresa May said she was “absolutely sure” that the public “have had enough”. Too right; many people are at the end of the line – with her chaos. Over a million people agree and now they’ve well and truly stuck it to May.


A petition calling for May to revoke Article 50 has gone viral. It’s gained over a million signatures – and rising – in less than 24 hours. In fact, so many people wanted to sign, that it broke parliament’s petition website. Revoking Article 50 means the UK would stay in the EU.

There’s a very simple reason for many people: they really have had enough of May’s Brexit chaos. MPs already voted against her Brexit deal. Twice. On 18 March, John Bercow refused to let May send the same deal back for a third vote unless it is “fundamentally different”. Now May’s asked for an extension, but Donald Tusk insists that can only go ahead if MPs back “the withdrawal agreement” (the same one that May seemingly won’t change, MPs voted down, and which apparently can’t go back again without a fundamental change).

Yet, in her latest speech, May insisted, yet again, that the only options are ‘her deal’, ‘no deal’ or staying in the EU. And she blamed everyone but herself.

No wonder the country is confused, baffled and angry. As Jolyon Maugham QC pointed out, parliament’s now voted on pretty much everything except revoking Article 50:

Lots of people sharing the petition really have had enough of May:

In fact, the rate of signing for this parliamentary petition is the ‘highest’ ever:

It’s also gaining cross-party support from many opposition MPs:

Many feel that revoking Article 50 offers an instant solution to the chaos:

“A bright light”

There’s substance behind the aim of this petition. Because six Scottish MPs and English lawyer Maugham took this option to the European Court of Justice in December 2018. As the National reported, it made a “definitive ruling which cannot be appealed”. This stated that the UK can revoke Article 50 and unilaterally stop Brexit.

At the time, SNP MP Alyn Smith called the ruling “dynamite” and said:

A bright light has switched on above an ‘EXIT’ sign.

Of course, this wouldn’t please everyone. Brexit divides the nation. But as the latest polls indicate, there’s now more support for staying in the EU than leaving with May’s deal:

So, as this petition gathers signatures, for those who really have had enough, that “bright light” grows brighter by the hour. But whether May will listen to those calling for Article 50 to be revoked is a different matter altogether.

Featured image via Tiocfaidh ár lá 1916/Flickr

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  • You can sign the petition to revoke Article 50 here.

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    1. Have you noticed, Theresa May, like Donald Trumpf, Tony Blair et al, completely LACK SHAME. It’s a form of psychopathy. The vicar’s daughter is quite shameless and quite proud of herself. These people are dangerous and capable of great damage. Where do they find people like this?

    2. Thank God that people do not trust or believe in the MSM and that the truth will get out there by various means. So glad to see people on the streets demonstrating and also for the online petition to Revoke Article 50 which has now reached 4m signatories.

      However, that said, the people should have been on the streets in September when this chaos and May’s total ineptitude started to be felt economically and then she hastened to Brussels to sign her own deal having by passed Parliament and her own Cabinet. This is the point at which we should have acted because the deal she bought back is, quite frankly, rubbish and I applaud the MPs who voted it down. Never, in the history of parliamentary democracy, has Government been so corrupt, so incompetent, the cabinet populated by grossly incompetent Ministers been propped up in power by a pro-May propaganda machine (the MSM) who have deliberately lied, misinformed and covered up a series of very damaging actions by May that has not only seen this country become the laughing stock of the world but also, has damaged this country economically to the extent that hundreds of millions of pounds are leaving and continue to leave the City of London (no passporting rights negotiated), manufacturing industry closing factories and so on and so forth. I have never, in my lifetime (and I am over 60yrs that’s all I’ll admit to) seen a Government that has been clearly in collapse since October 2018, is unable to pass any legislation, has suffered the biggest defeat in Parliamentary History, has been found to be in contempt of Parliament and who has spectacularly failed to deliver a proper, professional, worthy Brexit that would be the best deal for the future of our Nation, all because May would not budge on her ‘red lines’ because it would split her own Party rather than believing them to be in the best interests of this country, has been supported so irresponsibly by the MSM and the BBC. Tory Party grandees and MPs cannot now demand her resignation because they have allowed May to stay in office all this time without challenge, without question and without any consideration for the British Nation. The MSM likewise has propped up a Government that has all but collapsed, is not fit for purpose and has no interest in the British nation without question or challenge or any sort of investigative journalism. All this to avoid the need to call an urgent General Election and now allow a Labour Government who have a Manifesto which would be transformative in a massive way for British Politics and would end the deference to the Rich and redistribute wealth. Well, a Labour Government is infinitely better than this sorry excuse of corrupt idiots who have only their own interests at heart. Well here we are folks, a No Deal it is – and you have the MSM and the BBC to thank for a campaign of a deliberate misinformation, lies and corruption to support a Government that is, not only totally unable or equipped to Govern the Nation but also have absolutely no idea how to sort this mess out because the truth is May decided to play, as Corbyn has consistently said, the game of running down the clock in an attempt to get MPs to vote for her rotten deal using this blackmail strategy rather than face the music. She has cancelled key votes because she knew she would lose them – what way is that to Govern because she knew a General Election would be necessary – but she wants power not democracy. Shame on the MSM for supporting this fiasco – and brilliant for all the people who turned out at yesterday’s rally and signed the revoke Article 50 petition (which I have also done). Prediction, May will not resign she is too interested in power to do that but, the damage to the UK has already been done, economically and politically.

    3. I agree that blaming Labour for Brexit is like blaming Switzerland for World War 2 but that said, why wasn’t Corbyn at the march, a genuine mass movement of the people? Shocking and explains why despite the chaos all the polls show Theresa May is still well ahead as ‘doing a good job’ compared to Corbyn.

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