A journalist finally held a Tory politician to account for his Brexit nonsense. And it was so needed.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Ben Bradley

A corporate journalist finally held a Conservative politician to account for his Brexit shenanigans. On Channel 4, the introduction that presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy gave to Tory MP Ben Bradley was beautiful:


On 26 March, Guru-Murthy opened with:

The Conservative MP Ben Bradley is in the House of Commons. He voted to remain, then became a Brexiteer, then voted against the deal, then voted for the deal, then said he’d struggle to back the deal again, but now says he will back the deal.

In response, Bradley insisted:

I haven’t changed my mind… What you’ve laid out there is a series of votes voting differently but trying to achieve the same option… the thing that I’ve been trying to do since day one is to get us out on the date that we promised. Back in January, we had the time and the political capital to go back and seek further improvements… but now… the deal is the same but actually the circumstances surrounding it are very different.

The thing is, Bradley previously argued May’s deal:

is neither remain nor leave, an unending state of purgatory that represents the worst of all worlds.

Still, he now plans to vote for it. And Guru-Murthy called him out. If only corporate journalists consistently held politicians to account like on this occasion, perhaps we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Featured image via Channel 4

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