Change UK’s embarrassing new campaign literature shows it’s still all about them

The Change UK logo pictured next to members of Change UK, including Chuka Umunna, Mike Gapes and Gavin Shuker
Joshua Funnell

As the UK gears up for the EU elections, parties are releasing their campaign literature. New pro-remain centrist party Change UK is no exception.

But if the reaction to its leaflet is anything to go by, it might consider changing the design team. And one thing it shows hasn’t ‘changed’ is that it’s still all about them.

As usual, it’s all about them

Change UK is the rebranded party of the Independent Group. It’s made up of Labour and Conservative defectors including Chuka Umunna, Mike Gapes, Chris Leslie, Anna Soubry, and Heidi Allen, among others.

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But its new material aimed at addressing Brexit and Britain’s “broken” politics hasn’t had a positive welcome on social media.

One Twitter user felt the selfie imagery seemed “self absorbed”:

But Change UK’s “self absorbed” focus is unsurprising. After all, its MPs have refused to hold by-elections. And this is partly because some of them believe they were voted in as individuals, not party representatives.


Journalist Joana Ramiro was also unimpressed by Change UK’s output. In two videos, she unfavourably compares the election leaflet to Labour’s. She argues that Change UK’s is an example of “astroturfed propaganda”. This means a corporate-run campaign that pretends to be a grassroots-led political movement.

And of course, they have a bus…

But Change UK has branched out beyond leaflets.

Clearly believing that buses really do make all the difference in British public votes on the EU, Change UK has invested in its own:

But some people aren’t impressed by this either, with several commentators noting its amateurish appearance:

Journalist David Whitley showed no mercy:

Academic and author Tom Mills brought the Vengaboys back to life:

And the Twitter account Labour Grassroots speculated on a deeper conspiracy most haven’t considered:

Buses and leaflets are the least of Change UK’s worries, according to polling

If recent polling is anything to go by, then British voters aren’t impressed by Change UK either.

As academic Matthew Goodwin highlighted:

And according to YouGov polling cited in the Times, few think Change UK is a party “here to stay”:

So after much hype, it looks like HMS Change UK is sinking fast. And probably with its name in a dodgy Microsoft font emblazoned across the stern.

Featured image via YouTube – Change UK and Twitter – Gift

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