Jeremy Corbyn’s takedown of Donald Trump is utterly superb

Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump
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On 28 August, as Boris Johnson sought to suspend parliament, Donald Trump decided to go after Jeremy Corbyn, tweeting:


But it didn’t go very well for the US president. Because Corbyn responded with a superb takedown.

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What Trump meant to say..

Corbyn corrected Trump’s tweet – stating what he thought the president really meant:

One of the reasons Corbyn is critical of a no-deal Brexit is because, as he has previously stated:

a no-deal Brexit is really a Trump-deal Brexit.

It’s vital that politicians like Corbyn stand up to both Johnson and Trump. Because the bottom line is that Trump is a business person. He cares about making good deals (for him and his mates). He doesn’t care about the UK and the prosperity of the country – he cares about what he can get out of it.

So obviously Trump is happy with Johnson’s ‘compliance’. It means he’ll be free to raid our public services in a bargain-basement Brexit deal. And this is something we need to avoid at any cost.

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    1. This is the most serious crisis in the history of the UK in my lifetime (66).Politics in this country has been steadily regressing since 1979, until now we have reached the point where a narcissistic dictator has schemed and lied his way to power, by means of a blatant coup. Johnson must be STOPPED before he inflicts further damage on us. It is truly vital.

    2. How this Coup has happened has made for interesting reading which you won’t find in the the ‘Press” owned by the slow witted rich of social pretensions.
      Good journalism means you have a sense of where the future is going. They saw nothing which turned out to be real. Surprise is what makes their news!
      You may never find out what happened to the country even in 10 years or 100.
      Whether Trump is a good deal maker remains to be seen as he refuses to release his Financial statements as other Presidents have done, and was convicted of fraud in the managing of his ‘Trust” for charity.
      His parade of competence, and confidence is a fake for the foolish.
      Poor people.

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