The band behind ‘Liar Liar’ has released a new anti-Boris track. But it’s faced a ‘mysterious’ hurdle.

Captain SKA 'Fuck Boris' video
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Captain SKA, the band behind the infamous Liar Liar song about Theresa May, has got a new track. This one takes aim at her successor, Boris Johnson. True to form, Captain SKA pulls no punches in taking on the new PM. But the song hasn’t reached people as fast as the group would have liked because it’s faced a ‘mysterious’ hurdle.

Fuck Boris

Captain SKA and Rubi Dan wrote the song, with vocals by Lauren Johnson. As the band explained on Twitter, the download was due for release on 13 September:


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As the title suggests, it’s not a particularly glowing assessment of Johnson. In fact, it describes the PM as “Donald’s little hobbit” in reference to his relationship with the US president. It also takes aim at Johnson’s use of racist and discriminatory language.

As Captain SKA told The Canary, a “big liar needed a big tune” and Fuck Boris is its attempt to provide that:


Back in 2017, when Liar Liar was rising in the charts, BBC Radio One refused to play it. As the UK was in an election period at the time, it said doing so would breach its impartiality rules. Despite Johnson’s best efforts, however, right now there is no looming election in the country.

So, as Captain SKA said in its tweet, it can’t face a “ban” on those grounds. But the band says it has faced a ‘mysterious’ hurdle:

Based on its past experience with the distribution of its tracks, the band expected the song to be available for download on 13 September. That hasn’t happened. But Captain SKA says it should appear on platforms next week.

A hit

For many of those who have already heard it, that release cannot come soon enough:

So, Captain SKA has another potential hit on its hands. Clearly, “Fuck Boris” is a sentiment that is resonating with the public.

Featured image via Captain SKA/YouTube

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    1. The band behind ‘Liar Liar’ has released a new anti-Boris track.
      But it’s faced a ‘mysterious’ hurdle.

      HI—Captain SKA,
      WILL you be making a record about Labour leaders failing as well?
      As Labour party as well as Tory party have failed all us resident plus voters of U.K./N/Ireland /Wales/Scotland as well.
      Therefore, can you make one for Labour and release the Tory record at the same time for us public to download Captain SKA,
      As they should be a good little earner providing the price is right
      (KEPT-LOW) To obtain the downloaded songs
      Both Govt main two parties have failed us voter so we could now have a new G.E in 2019 and we voter will or could pick a new Govt to run our country??? So- Captain SKA your songs may influence plus have an impact on us U.K. voter as well.
      Captain SKA the over two main party left for us British voter to vote for At G.E. time in 2019 are Lib-Dems/Brexit party any one of them could be running our country by 2020 time frame plus how we leave the E.U. behind as well will or could be in their hands.—GOD HELP US ALL IN THE U.K. NOW Captain SKA.

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