Donald Trump’s boys launch such a farcical smear at Corbyn that it’d make the Tories blush

Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump
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An incoming report from some of Donald Trump’s former security advisers has issued, perhaps, the most farcical anti-Corbyn smear yet.


With zero evidence, the Hudson Institute report will suggest that Jeremy Corbyn could pass official secrets to Russia if he wins a general election. And the right-wing UK media has lapped up the allegation:

According to the Telegraph, the report also recommends that Trump should:

consider withholding sensitive information and even pushing for the country’s Nato membership to be “downgraded” if the Labour leader enters Downing Street.

Previously, the Labour leader won damages after Conservative MP Ben Bradley accused him of selling “British secrets to communist spies”. Corbyn then donated the money to Bradley’s local foodbank and a homeless charity.

‘Conservative Friends of Russia’

There are so many issues with the attack line. Corbyn’s perspective is miles away from communist. And Russia isn’t a ‘communist’ country by anyone’s measure.

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In fact, the former leading Soviet Union nation is now much closer to the free market capitalist economies of the West. So it’s no wonder that it’s the Conservative Party that had an organisation called the Conservative Friends of Russia. It’s now dubbed the Westminster Russia Forum after allegations of being too close to Russian authorities.

And the relations don’t appear to have changed much since. From 2016 to 2018, Russian oligarchs and their associates donated over £800,000 to the Conservative Party.

‘They think we’re stupid’

On social media, people reacted to the claims:

On 8 December 2017, Labour leader Corbyn received the Séan MacBride Peace Prize from the International Peace Bureau (IPB). Founded in 1891, the IPB is one of the world’s oldest peace organisations.

Still, the establishment tries to attack Corbyn as some kind of Stalinist anti-British collaborator. Given Russia is a capitalist country and the Soviet Union doesn’t exist, the weakness of these smears is frankly laughable. Meanwhile, it’s the Conservatives taking pro-Kremlin money and apparently cosying up to the regime. What a joke.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/ Flickr and RevolutionBahrainMC/ WikiCommons

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    1. What I find humorous, as in I can’t really believe this s**t, is that our intelligence services have been warning anyone who’ll listen that the Tangerine Turd has definitely compromised U.S. assets and divulged National Secrets to both Russia and Israel. I’m pretty sure that we have more to fear from our Moron in Chief than from a bike riding socialist.

    2. Great! The longer he keeps this charade up, the quicker we can ditch the USA and form a special relationship with Russia instead, which arguably would be a much better deal for both our nations than sticking with the rapist USA (and by that I mean the way they rape nations and get away with it).

      American people and talent = Great, bring more on.

      American MSM, Political, Military Industrial Complex = Terrible, go away and never return.

      Do yourselves a favour USA people and ditch that shit! There is far more money to be made by playing nicely with your global siblings, truly, those that tell you there is more to be made from disaster capitalism are extremely short-term opportunists, and unrepentant liars who believe their own lies.

      Misery capitalism only appears to work because it is propped up with lies (MSM), whereas joyful capitalism (or in other words, Meritocracy) opens more hearts (and nations) than any bullet or bomb. On the whole people like to work, and to be properly rewarded for their efforts, whereas disaster capitalism works by destroying the very people it intends to make money out of (killing the golden goose in effect), making people loath work, and focus solely on getting as much as they can, due to the desperation politics that disaster capitalism engenders.

      It isn’t really Trump that is the problem, he’s just the tip of a very rotten ‘burg, and like the UK, the USA needs a revolution in the way they are ruled.

      It is ironic that the Nation who most espouse democracy and claim to hate imperialism (like the UK’s previous Empire and Monarchs) are in fact the least democratic, and most imperialistic nation on Earth, with a people who are arguably the most enslaved on Earth.

      Americans are the most enslaved on Earth because they have been programmed to think they are the free-est most blessed people on Earth, whilst at the same time being forced into corporate slavery, and worse they have generally been programmed to think their version of whatever is better than everyone else’s whatever, even when their whatevers are clearly not up to the same standard as better whatevers.

      What the World needs right now is for the USA and the UK to sort their shit out properly, and stop endangering all life on this planet with their despicable antics.

    3. It’s a very unsophisticated smear, too blunt, too in-yer-face. Most people will see it for the BS it is. Some will repeat it because they’re lying reactionaries but to believe it you’d have to be a moron.

    4. The “deep state” of military intelligence referred to in earlier articles in the Canary has no interest in protecting a free thinking democracy. What a change in the last 20 years. The reason why people were led into WW11 has now turned into a fantasy in the memory of a gentler time?
      This is war now against us, and is of a different nature. Funded by the military as evidenced by John McEvoy as evidenced above, and funded by the very rich to protect their business.
      This war campaign uses smear tactics, fake news, outright lies while pretending to be humane while acting in[ our?] best interests.
      Nothing too different here from other wars however.
      Only now in our history does the true instinct of the human animal reveal itself as the number one beast/predator on the planet.
      Why it’s like watching a David Attenborough nature flick which always looks at who is the #1 predator as in Our Planet. Just imagine in our jungle #1 is the military, and we are it’s prey.
      How volunerable we are to this new warfare against a populace who’s is so unwitting about this novel turn of events.
      People who desire not to be jaded, cynical, and seek a world suitable for raising children as children as described in Louie Armstrong”s song “Oh what a wonderful world”
      Nigel Farage, Jo Swinson, Tom Watson are the fools on the hill.

    5. I forgot to mention the warfare technique of austerity to subdue, and intimidate the public to using fear.
      A compliant public serves their purpose.
      Its hard to think when frightened, and thinking is the enemy in this play. It seems they have a natural dislike for it to flourish in the Commons.

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