Angela Rayner just flipped the tables on the Lib Dems with a message we all need to remember

Angela Rayner
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Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has stressed that “on so many grounds, David Cameron cannot be forgiven”. But in doing so, she seemed to gloss over the damning fact that she and her party propped Cameron up for five years between 2010 and 2015. And Labour’s Angela Rayner, for one, was not going to let that go.

The shadow education minister insisted:

And she’s spot on. Because Swinson has a terrible record of supporting the Tories’ ideological austerity – from opposing higher taxes for the super-rich to backing privatisation and welfare cuts. As shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said:

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Jo Swinson was willing to work with the Tories, introduce some of the most savage austerity cuts that cost people their lives… But she won’t work with a Labour leader who opposed all those austerity measures.

Never forget

In recent years, the pro-austerity neoliberal wing of the Lib Dems has been dominant. So the party has cosied up to the Tories. As a result, it propped up a vicious regime which oversaw skyrocketing food bank usage, attacked some of the most vulnerable people in Britain, and managed the decline of the NHS.

Just one of the Tory-led austerity policies – cutting public health spending – has led to over 130,000 premature deaths in the UK. A 2018 UN investigation, meanwhile, found that “14 million people, a fifth of the population” now “live in poverty”.

The Lib Dems enabled all of this by joining forces with the Tories. And we must never forget that.

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    1. I will never forgive or forget the Tory-LibDem Alliance, and even more so now as Swanson continues to prove that the Tories got into every major party in the UK, The Liberal Democrats under Clegg, and Labour under Blair. Lib Dems are closet Tories, and the rebels in Labour are also Tories.

      The Conservative party, and the Liberal Democrats have betrayed the UK far too often, and now have now proven their anti-human, anti-democracy credentials beyond any doubt. The Conservative party needs to be banned in this country for ever, and so does the useless, spineless Liberal Democrats to prevent Conservatives from jumping ship. While were at it, The Brexit Party, NF and more should be banned too, in fact how about we ban ALL political parties and instead elect people to take posts in Government who are the best for that post?

      No more corruptible political parties, a publicly scrutinized vote to install those who have the requisite skills and morality, for however long they prove to be good at their jobs, with the ability to sack those who perform below the expected standards or are found to be corrupt, on the spot, with jail time applicable to them as it is to us.

      We need a new system of National management, not the same tired and corrupt political class we have had for far too long. Political parties do not care about this nation, they only care about beating the other parties into power, and that is the ethos they are taught at Eaton and the like. Political parties and their career-minded, trained-to-rule-as-dictator-politicians are an anti-democratic, anti-human, anti-nation creation, made to keep real democracy from taking hold.

      We should vote in people for the respective National-jobs who have been properly vetted, who do not identify as politicians, or have political party membership, who have been chosen by their respective constituencies to carry out the tasks we as a nation have asked them to do.

      It is time to end the lie that we are a democracy, what we are part of is a parliamentary oligarchy with the merest hint of democracy, but with every institution and business in our nation being allowed to run as a dictatorship.

      I don’t care how much a person earns, they still have no rights to treat others as anything else but equal, however our culture is highly supportive of dictatorial entities, even to the point of being ingrained into our friendly and familial relationships. We need systemic change, and we need to be the ones that bring it.

      No more political pyramid schemes! They are as corrupt (if not more so) than their business counterparts.

    2. The irony of the LibDems’ stance on Brexit is laughable if it wasn’t so tragic. It is beyond despIcable that the LibDems have, by inference, labeled all ‘Leave’ voters as uneducated racists. The truth is that for large numbers of those who voted ‘Leave’, membership of the EU was
      A. Not the most important issue in their lives and
      B. Not something that – were they to renounce it – would make their lives any worse than they already were
      The fact that those politicians who were responsible for the crippling austerity measures were the loudest voices in the ‘Remain’ camp, passed a message to the under-privileged which was bound to be read one way only i.e. “If they’re against it, then I’m for it”. Quite simply, the Tories and their LibDem enablers are totally responsible for the ‘Leave’ majority vote.

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