On the eve of the election, Boris Johnson’s aide swears on live TV while the PM hides in a fridge

Screengrab from Good Morning Britain
Emily Apple

It’s the eve of the election. But the morning couldn’t have got off to a worse start for Boris Johnson and his team. After being approached by Good Morning Britain to see if he’d keep his word and give an interview, Johnson’s aide swore at the journalist. Then the PM ran away and hid in a fridge. Really, you couldn’t make it up:

Excuses, excuses

Following the incident, journalist Matt Chorley reported that the Tories came up with this piss poor explanation:

Chorley stated that:

The party is believed to have filed a complaint about Good Morning Britain’s behaviour.

So, let’s get this straight. If this is true, the Conservative Party is filing a complaint about a journalist doing his job in trying to speak to the supposed prime minister of this country. It’s the sort of behaviour that’d make any dictator proud.

Jeremy Corbyn, meanwhile, gave this reaction to Good Morning Britain’s request:

Utterly pathetic

These are the actions of a leader literally on the run – a leader who’s seen his poll rankings slashed. And that’s hardly a surprise. From pocketing a journalists phone when confronted about the state of the NHS, to 88% of the party’s paid for advertising being lies, there’s every reason for Johnson to hide from journalists.

With less than 24 hours to go before polling stations open, there’s everything to play for. Every single person needs to reach out and talk to people about Johnson’s lies, his behaviour and his utter contempt for ordinary people. Because if enough people can see who this man really is, there’s no way this man can possibly still be PM on 13 December.

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