Johnson wins not just the election, but the full backing of the far right around the world

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Thanks in large part to his Brexit promises, Boris Johnson has secured the biggest Conservative majority in parliament since Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s. And hard-right forces throughout the world have rushed to congratulate him.

In Westminster, Johnson said:

we have won votes and the trust of people who have never voted Conservative before

The Conservatives got around 43% of votes, but about 56% of all MPs. Roughly two thirds of eligible people in the UK voted in the election.

He is now expected to reintroduce his Brexit deal in the Commons next week following the Queen’s Speech and State Opening of parliament on Thursday.

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Hard-right support

In the UK, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka ‘Tommy Robinson’) – “the most high profile member of the far-right” – celebrated Johnson’s victory:

Across Europe, there was also praise. Germany’s “far-right AfD”, for example, sent its congratulations to Johnson:

Italy’s Matteo Salvini, meanwhile, tweeted the hashtag #goBorisgo. And France’s Marine Le Pen celebrated too.

Johnson also has past links with Hungary‘s antisemitic Fidesz government, which some have calledprobably the most reactionary Right-wing racist and homophobic government in Europe”. And Fidesz vice president Katalin Novák tweeted:

Donald Trump, meanwhile, tweeted:

And other hard-right leaders around the world joined in too:

“Today we mourn, but tomorrow we organise. The work starts now.”

Boris Johnson has a longstanding record of insulting womenethnic minority groupsreligious minority groups, the LGBTQIA+ community, and working-class people.

His party, meanwhile, has long faced allegations of antisemitism, with ties to antisemitic, far-right parties in Europe being a particular cause for concern. Just in the run-up to the election, a number of Tory candidates faced allegations of antisemitism. And former Tory prime minister Theresa May recently unveiled a statue remembering a politician accused of “virulent antisemitism”, which Johnson gladly visited. That’s not even mentioning Johnson adviser Dominic Cummings recently facing accusations of antisemitic dogwhistling himself.

The Tory Islamophobia crisis, meanwhile, seems to be out of control. Because despite the Muslim community’s repeated calls for an official inquiry, Johnson’s government has so far failed to investigate the crisis. Statistics have previously shown that 56% of Conservative Party members believe “Islam is a threat to the British way of life”.

Minority communities in the UK now fear what may be to come under Johnson’s majority government:

But a strong spirit of resistance is already starting to grow:

The struggle continues

The task now, going forward, is for all progressives to unite firmly against all forms of discrimination, and to challenge what looks set to be one of the most regressive hard-right governments the UK has ever had.

As left-wing hero Tony Benn once said:

I think progress has been made by two flames that have always been burning in the human heart: the flame of anger against injustice, and the flame of hope you can build a better world.

And we must keep those flames burning brightly in the coming months and years. Because hard times are coming.

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    1. And please plsease stop bashing Tories. We know they are evil and even those voting for Johnson in Blyth valley know he’s not trustworthy. But we are even less trustworthy because we don’t give a fuck about their referendum. Corbyn was boxed in (to use George Galloway’s words) by the like of Starmer, McDonnell, Lansman to support the suicidal second referendum.

    2. Privileged remainers pushed Corbyn from his anti-EU stance towards a second referendum. The left would be wise to stop complaining about identity issues and unite all the powerless under the umbrella of the working class. Remember the LGBT people in support of the miners under Thatcher. It’s a far cry from calling those in Redcar or Workington racists for supporting Brexit.

    3. THe puzzling thing about theCanary is although they hate Graun, their approach cannot be differentiated from the Graun. Just repeating how bad things will be under Tories etc. Don’t get me wrong. I detest the Graun.

    4. Johnson is going to have the backing of the global far right as they’re part of the same network, global network of poodles hiding behind faux nationalism, patriotism, religion and populism, bought to power by the same vested interests, using the same techniques, weaponised psychology targeting people’s vulnerabilities bought about by their economic models based on consolidation of wealth and power.

      Using big data to create psychological profiles of everyone online, then using individually targeted propaganda based on the personality type they ascribe to you, putting people in information cages and echo chambers making extensive use of social media especially facebook, whatsapp, youtube/google, to deliver the payload. Cambridge analytica, scl, behavioural dynamics institute, black cube, emerdata, etc etc, once these companies attract too much attention they just shut down and rebrand.

      Nigel oakes, man behind scl and behavioural dynamics institute is an old etonian same as alexander nix who worked at his companies, according to the wikipedia profile on him, I know, I know wikipedia is lame, he’s quoted as saying, “We use the same techniques as Aristotle and Hitler … We appeal to people on an emotional level to get them to agree on a functional level”.

      This is one of the secrets in the modern era on how the right and far right can keep discrediting themselves yet still hold onto power and get the support of people they hurt deeply. We need to stop scratching our heads every time working class and middle class people vote against their own interests, we are being targeted by advanced psychological tools that are classed as weapons, with the backing of silicon valley and tech companies who fear lefties will regulate them and interrupt the gravy train. I know there is a lot more to it, but at the moment this is their ace card.

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