Everyone’s hoping that Bernie Sanders’ victory is ‘the beginning of the end’ for Trump

Bernie Sanders
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Bernie Sanders has won the New Hampshire primary. As the race for the Democratic nomination continues, this is a significant and major victory.

“Beginning of the end”

Sanders rallied his supporters saying this victory marks “the beginning of the end for Donald Trump”.


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Although there’s still a long way to go, winning both Iowa and New Hampshire suggests Sanders should secure the Democrat nomination:

“The reason I believe we are going to win,” Sanders said, “is that we have an unprecedented grassroots movement”. And he also acknowledged the crucial distinction in his campaign to secure the nomination and oust Trump. He said it’s:

an unprecedented, multi-generational, multiracial political movement. This is a movement from coast to coast, which is demanding that we finally have an economy, and a government that works for all of us — not wealthy campaign contributors.

Ohio senator Nina Turner echoed the importance of challenging billionaire-backed candidates like Mike Bloomberg and Joe Biden:

Yet despite his backers, Biden only came fifth in New Hampshire. Although Bloomberg skipped it, there are genuine concerns he could still enter the race. That Sanders’ campaign directly challenges billionaire-backed politics is crucial.

Sanders also has huge support from younger voters, and this is something that shouldn’t be underestimated:

Capitalist press

However, despite Sanders’ victory, many establishment outlets led with headlines about Pete Buttigieg coming in second. Centrist Buttigieg seems set as Sanders’ main opposition. As The Canary reported, the media has fawned over Buttigieg since before he officially announced his bid for the presidency in April 2019.

Now, the establishment machine looks set to attack Sanders in the same way it did Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The day after the UK election, Asa Winstanley warned:

The “Labour anti-Semitism crisis” strategy is already being rolled out across the Atlantic against anyone who challenges support for Israel or US imperialism. …

The Israel lobby and the Democratic Party right will use the anti-Semitism smear against Sanders and the left because it has been proven effective in the UK.

Others also pointed to the dangers ahead if Sanders wins the Democrat nomination:

Looking ahead to the so-called Super Tuesday stage of the nomination process on 3 March, early analysis suggests Sanders is in a strong position to win. The establishment sabotaged Corbyn’s campaign and the chance for a socialist UK government, so Sanders now offers the best hope the left has to challenge the right on a global stage. It won’t be an easy run to win on 3 November, but Sanders’ New Hampshire victory offers real hope.

Featured image via Flickr – Gage Skidmore

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    1. Pete Buttigieg is an ex CIA, establishment stooge. To say that ‘everyone’ is hoping Sanders’ victory is the beginning of the end for Trump is utter tosh though. The vast majority of Republicans aren’t and a more than significant amount of Dems aren’t. Please start exercising a modicum of sensibility in your articles rather than the left wing propaganda you currently churn out. I come here because my views are different to that of The Canary and it’s important to read and understand the views of those you disagree with. Recently though many articles have been detached from reality and it simply serves to make the author look foolish.

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