Even the Mirror is now propping up Boris Johnson’s coronavirus catastrophe

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Even as the UK had the highest coronavirus (Covid-19) death rate in the world across seven days, the tabloids were falling into line to prop up the Tories’ chaotic pandemic plans. But you know the mainstream media has utterly lost the plot when even the Mirror joins in the mayhem.

Where’s Cliff Richard when you need him?

As The Canary previously reported, the government is thinking about relaxing quarantine rules for travellers entering the UK. Afroze Fatima Zaidi wrote:

These discussions, believe it or not, haven’t been prompted by ‘the science’ or expert advice, but by concern for potential damage to the travel industry. While seeing the risk to human life get weighed so casually against business interests is infuriating, it’s also entirely on brand for this government.

But now, not content with risking a second wave of the virus, the tabloids want the Tories to go further. Because the front pages on Wednesday 3 June were awash with cries of ‘save our summer hols!’

Enter the tabloids

The Daily Mail was predictably screechy in its calls for the Tories to let us Brits fly off to foreign soil; making sure that coronavirus was tightly packed into our suitcases along with our Union Jack shorts and beer goggles:

Although one person wryly pointed out:

The Mail was insistent that the Tories need to relax the rules around foreign trips. Not just for our own good, of course, but also to save the travel industry. Meanwhile, the Sun took a similar line but also ran with a “tipple whammy” of pubs getting ready to open and coronavirus death rates “at zero soon”, according to one academic. Oh, and the obligatory scantily-clad celebrity, of course:

The Daily Star was ‘pun-tastic’, as ever:

And the Daily Express also nodded to the potential explosion in people going abroad, probably coupled with an explosion in coronavirus infection rates:

But it was perhaps the Mirror that was most infuriating among the tabloid treachery. Because it too decided that allowing us Brits to holiday abroad was crucial:

Essentially, the thrust with all these stories was that infection rates are lower in popular holiday destinations like Spain and France. Therefore, the travel industry wants the Tories to allow UK holiday makers to be able to go there. And this is perhaps the most British tabloid response to a pandemic ever.

Peak British arrogance

Because it would mean that the chances of us catching coronavirus in a foreign country was technically lower. But with even the Sun admitting the UK has one of the highest infection rates among many comparable countries, we could spread it around holiday hot spots like wildfire, and cause these countries’ infection rates to go up. Not that that notion was on the tabloids’ agendas. Because we all ‘deserve‘ a holiday? right?

But the glaring omission from all these front pages was the question of who can actually afford to go on holiday this year anyway.

Nothing ‘left-wing’ about the Mirror

The push to ‘save our hols’ came on the same day that the Trussell Trust said that foodbank use had rocketed by 89% in April, compared to the same month in 2019. Within this, food parcels for children had almost doubled. Nearly nine million workers are currently furloughed, and over two million people are now unemployed. Just who the tabloids think will be going on holiday is unclear. But it’s unlikely to be most working class people.

It’s this which sticks in the throat most about the Mirror‘s front page. Because while some of the poorest people in the UK, including millions of children, continue to suffer – it chose to throw them under a bus by falling into the ‘end lockdown’ brigade. It was almost rubbing people’s noses in it. And that, from a supposedly left-wing paper, is unforgivable.

Featured image via YouTube – Channel 4 News / Wikimedia – Trinity Mirror

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    1. The annual holiday is part of the employment game. Just as the Friday night booze up. Flying off to some sunny destination for two weeks is a reward for fifty weeks of boredom, low-pay, lack of control over your work, insecurity…Tourism also treats the planet as a playground. The notion of travelling to broaden the mind is swamped by the idea of self-abandonment before returning to the “grind”. Tourism is the world’s biggest industry. Unsurprisingly, people can be unfamiliar with their own localities which, of course, are part of what they want to escape. And they may sit by the pool in some resort without having the faintest idea where it is on a map, what is nearby, what the local culture is or being able to utter the most redundant sentence in the native language. This is not to criticise holiday makers, but the system which cheats them and treats them as packages to be flown off, ripped off and flown home.

    2. Higher prices due to having to pay for new safety measures.
      Earlier booking in times due to safe baggage handling measures. Including only one small plastic suitcase and no hand luggage allowances.
      No in flight meals due to lack of cabin crew. Seatbelt safety will be shown on a big screen.
      No toilets due to cross contamination concerns.
      Fourteen days lockdown when you come back that uses up all your annual holiday allowance.
      But at least you’ll be able to stretch out your legs.

      Stay at home. Buy a pool. Sit in the garden.

    3. There will be even more unemployed if the travel industry isn’t allowed to resume normally. Let the people who want to go away do so, and those that are worried about catching something can stay at home.

      1. Staying alive is more important than providing employment to an industry which is non essential. Yes, the sheep will head off to foreign parts but many will die because of our governments priorities and join the cull of the disadvantaged, the aged, the obese and members of the BAME community. As the worst performing Covid country in the world we’ll no doubt infect many foreigners too but hey, what’s a few non white lives as long as we can exercise our right to a foreign holiday and enrich the billionaire owners of the airlines.
        Empathy seems to be a dirty word in the UK.

    4. Haven’t they noticed that quite a number of countries don’t want people from the UK visiting. It won’t matter what those who “need” a holiday want. If the countries they want to go to say no they won’t be going there.
      To be honest, I’ve never understood the “must have a holiday” mentality but that might be because I grew up at a time when firstly holidays were impossible (WW2) and secondly, in the aftermath of that war, when for most ordinary people, holidays tended to be a visit to a relative or “days out with a picnic”
      Yes, having a holiday is lovely but you won’t die if you don’t get to go abroad. Others might die if you do.

    5. Some Tory backbenchers acting as lobbyists for industry, plus airlines like BA, are up in arms about Patel’s quarantine plans. I suspect these headlines are just more propaganda from the same source but presented as if it were the British public who write the headlines. These stories are all propaganda generated by in-fighting between vested interests running the Tories as glove puppets.

      There is (1) a vested interest based on shuffling ‘money’ which includes the hedge funds behind Cummings, Johnson and the ‘Britannia Unchained’ cabal who are desperate to leave EU to avoid EU regulations of their financial dealings. Patel’s tokenism with quarantine is a tit-for-tat gesture targeted at EU countries and part of the Brexit ‘no deal’ strategy. We’ll drop quarantine if you give concessions on fishing blah, blah, is the purile ‘strategy’. But falsely sold as being about pandemic – which it is not as scientists have pointed out.

      And there is (2) a vested interest based on productive economy (airlines, car manufacturing, food etc) which needs open borders and thus is pro-EU and opposed to ‘Britannia Unchained’ cabal. They hate Patel’s quarantine for these reasons and are lobbying against it and trying to get public to support them. Clamour for your holiday in Spain and make the fat cats happy! It us your right as a British worker! Yeah, sure.

      As I see it, there is (1) a cabal run by unelected people (Cummings but also the private sector IT and big pharma contractors running SAGE, or the ‘think tanks’ devising brexit no deal strategy) that has infiltrated the Conservative Party and is using it as a host to exploit the resources of democratic power while refusing to respect democracy.

      And (2) a legacy Tory Party which is still working on behalf of the owners of manufacturing and retail and the other parts of the economy still meeting some human needs (with goods and services) although also hoarding money in imitation of the dehumanised economics of (1) where the economy might as well be run on computers for computers since its entire purpose is to reduce real resources into ‘money’ i.e. numbers in a database and shuffle the numbers eternally into ever larger useless hoards. Of the two, (1) has nothing for the 99%. (2) might be useful if it can be brought under democratic control, regulated, made green, and taxed fairly. Don’t hold your breath!

      The British government has spent about £45million on advertising in the British press (search internet re ‘All In, All Together’ advertorial campaign). These ‘advertorials’ appear in Guardian, Mirror, Times, Mail etc The government has thus gained economic control of all MSM by being the main advertiser during pandemic. Which paper will bite hand that feeds it? I think it not unlikely that some news stories are planted by government without being labelled as government propaganda (using taxpayers money) and that counter-propaganda is planted by Tory party lobbyists against the government (using private funds). Give us our hols! looks like such a planted story to me.

      These stories are just the Cabal versus Tory Party, New FarRight versus Old FarRight, civil war being acted out in public.

      Since I support neither, I just look on and shrug.

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