The Donald Trump guide to surviving coronavirus

Donald Trump and Melania outside Downing Street
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US president Donald Trump and his wife Melania have tested positive for coronavirus (Covid-19.) So we at The Canary decided to combine all his best insights into the deadly virus.

Lesson one, Don. It isn’t just flu:

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Lesson two: despite what you may have heard, coronavirus isn’t fake news:

Lesson three. Don’t be too quick to accuse rivals of crying wolf:

Lesson four: while you are in isolation at least contemplate the idea that criticism of your behaviour wasn’t a “far left” conspiracy theory:’

Finally, while you might get a kick out of being racist and telling your followers coronavirus is a “Chinese Virus”, believe us when we say this, the virus doesn’t respect borders:

Get well soon… honest

Meanwhile, Twitter was full of concern for the US President:

US comedian Mark Humphries sent his best wishes:

While another concerned ‘fan’ pointed out that Fox News viewers were going to struggle with the news. Thoughts with all of them today:

We wish Donald and Melania a speedy recovery from their illness. Honest. What? We do.

Image via Wikimedia

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    1. I’d save my wishes for those with common sense. You have to draw the line somewhere in our immense cosmos about wishes or your just living in a fantasy.
      Many will just watch what will happen with the subdued excitement of having a change. During The Presidnetial Election too. What timing this cosmos has.

    2. The guy is seriously ill, and I’m not referring to his corona convenience con. We’re talking about a stunted man-child who clearly fits the diagnostic criteria for psychopathy and narcissism. Either disorder renders him incapable of accepting defeat, and he’s got both. Won’t accept the result if he loses (fake news, obviously) and won’t vacate the White House either. Legal teams setting up post election maneuvers to circumvent the results of the vote count. Vandalized postal service, excessive mailbox removal during a pandemic etc. etc. etc. Not even remotely insane.

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