Zarah Sultana asked the PM if we sold the missiles that killed Palestinian children. He wouldn’t answer.

MP Zarah Sultana at Prime Minister's Questions
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On 26 May, Coventry South MP Zarah Sultana asked prime minister Boris Johnson to confirm that British-made weapons weren’t used in the recent airstrike that killed hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza. The prime minister was unable to confirm or deny the allegations. This came as foreign secretary Dominic Raab expressed his support for Israel and called for peace during his visit to the region. Meanwhile hundreds of activists protested outside an Israeli arms factory in Leicester.

A simple question demands a simple answer

On 21 May (local time), a ceasefire brought an end to Israel’s 11-day attack of the Gaza strip, which killed over 230 Palestinians, including 65 children. In spite of the ceasefire, the Israeli state’s illegal occupation and apartheid regime continues unabated. By 21 May, Israeli forces had already stormed Al-Aqsa mosque.

During Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons on 26 May, MP Zarah Sultana held up an image of three Palestinian children who were killed in an Israeli airstrike. Sultana said:

The Israeli military murdered 63 other children and 245 Palestinians in its recent assault on Gaza. The call for Palestinian freedom has never been louder, but this Conservative government is complicit in its denial. It has approved more than £400m in arms to Israel since 2015.

She concluded:

So can the prime minister look me in the eye and tell me that British-made weapons or components weren’t used in the war crimes that killed these three children and hundreds of other Palestinians?

The prime minister was not able to answer Sultana’s simple question. In response, rapper Lowkey said:

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Asa Winstanley added:

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign later shared:

Dominic Raab calls for peace

Sultana’s powerful question to the prime minister came during foreign secretary Raab’s visit to Palestine. One Twitter user commented:

On 26 May, Raab met with Palestinian and Israeli leaders. In meetings with Israeli officials, Raab confirmed the UK government’s support for “Israel’s right to self-defence”. He called for “lasting peace”, and celebrated “the flourishing” relationship between Britain and Israel. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Boris Johnson for his “staunch and unwavering” support during Israel’s deadly bombardment of Gaza.

Berating Raab’s failure to condemn the Israeli state’s war crimes and apartheid regime, Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) director Ben Jamal said:

It is clear that when Raab expresses unwavering support for Israel, what this translates to is unwavering support for violations of international law, the commission of war crimes and the sustenance and expansion of a system of apartheid.

Stop the War co-convener Lindsey German added:

Raab’s visit to Israel is to underline the British government’s support for its policies of siege and bombardment of Gaza, annexation of the West Bank and attacks on Palestinians in Jerusalem.

In spite of the UK government’s support for the Israeli state, the Palestinian solidarity movement continues to grow. Hundreds of protesters demonstrated outside an Israeli arms factory in Leicester on 26 May. Cambridge students have organised an open letter calling for the university to divest from companies complicit in Israel’s oppression of Palestinians. And we have seen nationwide protests in support of Palestinians’ struggle for independence.

Featured image via UK Parliament/YouTube

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    1. Nothing about the Hamas missiles that killed both Israeli and Palestinian children? If the Palestinian rocket launches are self defence, then so are the Israeli ones. You can’t have it both ways. How many civilians were killed by failed Hamas missile launches?

      1. Nothing on The Canary about the detention of journalists in Belarus. I recall Steve Topple received money from the Kremlin whilst writing at PeaceData and he wrote a character assassination of the exiled opposition leader. Are the Canary receiving orders not to comment on Belarus?

        1. You ignore the events that led up to the firing of missiles by Hamas. Forced evictions of Palestinians from their homes. The desecration of a mosque…… How convenient. You are a racist and an apologist for Israeli racism.

      2. How many indeed Dianesrightshoe?

        Why not look into it and compare?

        A bothsidsey stance is nothing close to a justification for oppression and violence on such a scale from a Prime Minister in Israel who seems intent on prolonguing a situation using, among others, British-sold weapons to kill children while burying his head in the sand trying to put off domestic scrutiny regarding his dishonesty and corruption.

    2. Dianesrightshoe: who has the nuclear weapons? Who has an army, an air force, a navy? Who holds two million people in incarceration in Gaza because they are Arabs. Racism. Who minutely controls the lives of the Palestinians of the WB because they are Arabs? Racism. How did the conflict begin and why? With provocations in East Jerusalem because if Netanyahu is out of power he is almost certainly going to prison. 260+ Palestinians were killed to save his skin. Take a look at UN Res 159 of 7th Dec 1987. Terrorism is illegal but there is a proviso: when a people has been forcibly deprived of its self-determination, independence or freedom it has the right to fight to regain them. How do the Palestinians fight? With their army, air force and navy? Why don’t the Palestinians have their own society? By accident? What is Israel defending? It’s right to colonize, its right to the illegal settlements ? The Palestinians are fighting for their survival against a colonial, racist regime. Hamas fought and won a general election in January 2006. Democracy. How did Israel and the US respond? The siege of Gaza and a plot to overthrow the elected government. How are Palestinians supposed to fight for their rights? They have feeble, effectivey home-made weapons while Israel has super jet fighters and billions of dollars in military aid. Anti-Semitism? Really, you accuse the Tellytubbies if they said Netanyahu is a liar. By the way, he’s a terrorist. He ordered the assassination of Khaled Mashal in September 1997. But that’s normal, most Israel PMs have been terrorists. Get yourself a copy of Birth of Israel by Simha Flapan. He was Jewish. Educate yourself. Put your shoe back on.

    3. Dianerightshoe you have chosen a name to hide behind that betrays your political stance methinks. I agree with everything noted by magicmancunian100. Do some research into the millions of Plaestinians in camps in Lebanon and Jordan, who have been there for over sixty years, raised children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in exile. Research how many nurses, doctors and journalists die from fatal head and shoulder wounds, 0.223 bullets made in the UK, how many children too shot with the same round, young men shot in the upper thigh by IOF using dum dum rounds, over 247 children held in military prisons, 4 year old children taken off of the street by IOF and charged with terrorist charges. FOUR FUCKIN YEAR OLD CHILDREN! Israeli killer drones made in the UK and Site, that our police forces also use. Here for surveillance and there for assassination and surveillance. Get your head out of your transverse colon!

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