The Piers Morgan poll ‘bounce’ for Keir Starmer that’s as sh*t as he is

Keir Starmer on Piers Morgan Life Stories
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The latest YouGov polling has shown a bounce for the Labour Party. It comes in the wake of leader Keir Starmer’s interview with Piers Morgan. But don’t get too excited – because blink and you’d miss the miniscule increase.

Starmer: ‘the Masked Chancer’

Morgan interviewed Starmer on Tuesday 1 June on ITV’s Life Stories. As SKWAWKBOX wrote, the show was “an embarrassing performance” from the Labour leader. BBC News wrote:

Asked by Morgan about criticism that he doesn’t show enough emotion, the Labour leader said: “There is a huge passion [in me], but passion comes in different shapes and sizes.”

He promised a tour of the country over the summer to speak to people “who are no longer voting Labour and hear for myself what they have to say”, appealing for the public to “let me get out there and let me take the mask off”.

“Take the mask off”? So, Starmer has been hiding his true feelings and politics all this time? Who knew?

Stick to the script

As SKWAWKBOX reported, after the show some Twitter accounts were churning out similar scripts:

Read on...

SKWAWKBOX said it was:

Assuming the phenomenon to have resulted from some ‘Starmer central’ memo to his dwindling band of supporters in an attempt to bolster his credibility after an embarrassing performance on Piers Morgan’s programme

Where’s the ‘bounce’ Starmer?

But sadly for Starmer and his team, all the copying and pasting on Twitter and personal stories on Morgan’s show don’t seem to have worked. Because if Life Stories did affect YouGov’s latest polling, it resulted in just a 1% increase; oh – and the Tories gaining an extra 3%:

As one Twitter user wryly summed up:

And as Stats for Lefties crunched, this poll would turn into the worst election defeat for Labour since 1935:

If a prime time TV appearance only musters an extra percentage point for Labour in the polls, then there’s little hope for Starmer. He’d be best off following Boris Johnson’s lead – and do any future media appearances from the inside of a fridge.

Featured image via ITV – YouTube 

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    1. We now have de facto permanent Tory rule. Corbyn delivered the worst election result since 1930s so was clearly not the answer. Starmer has not captured the electorate’s imagination either. He’s not had 2 general elections, unlike Corbyn.

      At least Joe Biden was able to see off Trump, some lessons for Labour to learn from across the pond perhaps.

      1. In 2019 Corbyn gained fewer seats but got a larger share of the vote than in both 2015 and 2010.Then there was the 2017 election where there was the largest increase in the Labour vote since 1945. Had it not been for the right wing of the Party working actively against Corbyn Labour would probably have won in 2017.

        What happened in 2019? All but 2 of the seats lost by Labour had voted leave in the Brexit referendum. Corbyn had an absurd second referendum policy foisted on him by, amongst others, Keir Starmer. Has the Party learnt anything from this? In the recent Hartlepool bye election they parachuted in a right wing candidate with very strong remain credentials and then put the cross of St George on some of the election literature. It’s laughable.

        So before we apportion blame for the apparently de facto Tory rule let’s get the facts straight.

        1. You think friend of Putin Corbyn is popular in Hartlepool. The facts are Corbyn lost 2 elections and was never going to win at a third attempt.
          Starmer was elected by the Labour membership as was Corbyn.

          1. Not sure where you get the idea Corbyn is a friend of Putin, you have a vivid imagination. Corbyn held Hartlepool comfortably in 2017 and 2019, Starmer lost it in 2021.
            Starmer lied to the membership, said he was going to unite the Party under his “Ten Pledges”. He’s reneged on his pledges and purged the left.

          1. Bernie Sanders would have done a better job but like Corbyn he wasn’t approved of by the neoliberals and was edged out by dubious means, rather like Corbyn. Biden limped home despite having a buffoon as an opponent. Starmer can’t even do that.

            1. Bernie Sanders would have lost. Trump would still be in power.
              No such alliance of left and centre left politics including the Lib Dems looks on the cards here. So we can look forward to academic debate on sites such as this whilst the TorIes govern for decades with impunity.

      2. The MSM, owned by advertisers and powerful lobby groups, and not a few back-stabbing centrists delivered the election result.

        Going by the performance yesterday on Any Questions I’d certainly support a Luke Pollard over a dead fish Starmer any day. We need someone with fire in the belly.

    2. Wow, the trolls have REALLY come out to beat the dead donkey on this one!

      I guess EDL voters would love Starmer for various reasons, one is that unlike Corbyn, Starmer the Palmer helps the Tories by being completely unelectable – even with all the HELP of the corporate media!

      Still, he’s a good placeholder mat until he’s booted out for a different unelectable Blairite toady.

      I love that the trolls are calling him “left”, but no-one serious does. Pretty much says everything baht you when only far-right trolls can muster any support. 🙂

    3. I really can’t comprehend why “Shakehands” is commenting here in the healthily leftish Canary when he clearly identifies with the Blairite/Starmerites who stabbed Jeremy Corbyn in the back.
      The Blairites were never Labour. They rabidly promoted neo-liberal policies that only benefit the already rich.
      As to Corbyn being a friend of Putin…well that sounds like something the Daily Mail would print – mindless drivel.

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