Socialism-phobic celebs can’t believe the Tories are ending BBC public funding

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After years of Thatcher-style neoliberalism, the election of Jeremy Corbyn saw Labour return to its socialist roots. The media hated this – as did the celebrities who prefer ‘sensible’ politics that maintain their lifestyles while doing nothing for the rest of us.

In the end, these figures got their wish, and politics returned to the socialism-free status quo. This meant the election of a Tory government that was openly at odds with public services. Predictably, this will now mean the end of public funding for the BBC – much like previous Tory and New Labour governments meant the end of publicly owned infrastructure.

For some celebrities, however, this has proved something of a shock.

Socialism for the ‘lovies’

Broadcaster Dan Walker defended the BBC licence fee, saying it’s “43p per day”.


The problem from a socialist perspective is that’s 43p for an institution that props up the Tories/New Labour and the econonomic system we loathe; it’s 43p for an institution that misrepresents and slanders us.

Gary Linekar had this to say:

The problem here? Namely that anyone without their head up their arse knows the BBC has always acted as the “voice for those in government” – the difference is Lineker doesn’t like the current flavour of neoliberalism.

This is what he had to say in 2017 just before Labour’s socialist policies saw the party increase its vote share by more than any other leader since 1945 – coming within an inch of electoral victory (despite two years of being hammered by outlets like the BBC):

How did they not see this coming?

This is Armando Iannucci on the end of the BBC as we know it:

In 2016, Iannucci bemoaned:

We’ve lost the third way

The ‘third way’ was the name given to the privatisation-fetishising politics of Tony Blair and Bill Clinton. It revolved around taking the policies of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan and bundling them with limited social progress. The thing about neoliberalism, however, is its stomach for privatisation is bottomless.

We live in a world in which all companies seek permanent, never-ending growth. How do you achieve that if you’re a private company making inroads into the public sector? With more privatisation, obviously. This means the natural end point for neoliberalism is every sector in private hands – much like the BBC soon will be – and only a fool would have expected otherwise.

Deborah Meaden believes people will miss the BBC when it’s gone – much like how socialists miss that time when there was a hope their future could contain anything besides the dull, grey misery of relentless social-decline:

Meaden couldn’t bring herself to vote for Corbyn in 2019. She was happy to vote for Labour in the past, however (presumably when they were rampant privatisers given that’s been their default since Blair):

Ironically, there’s an answer to this problem that would satisfy both the socialists and the celebs, and that’s to… go back in time and vote Labour. Turns out the party had a solution in 2019 that would have seen the BBC receive more stable funding without a need to apease the government. Imagine how terrible that would have been!

Additional reporting by PA

Featured image via (Wikimedia – Chris McAndrew CC3.0 – cropped to 385 x 403) and BBC screengrab

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    1. Reading this, I want to cry. Especially Meaden and Lineker’s comments. Both consistently supported/support the same moderately socialist policies Corbyn proposed. Both shat on Corbyn. And now Both are crying out that the Tories are destroying the rest of the state.

      Fools. Bloody stupid fools.

        1. Thinking of it, on a purely right wing and geostrategic point of view, this is absolutely bonkers! The BBC is a great asset for intelligence agency and an efficient tool of soft power projection. And who will be left to flatter the monarchy? Could this be an opening shot of a civil war between two different types of conservatism…

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