Take back control? Keir Starmer panned for adopting Brexit slogan

Keir Starmer is seeing Labour resignations en masse
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Labour leader Keir Starmer is going to take back control of Britain – or so he tells us. In a major speech, the former lawyer said he would introduce a new bill to empower communities. He seemed to be talking about a form of devolution, or giving power to those outside Westminster.

However, his phrasing already seems to have turned people off:

The control people want is control of their lives and their communities.

So we will embrace the take back control message – but we will turn it from a slogan into a solution, from a catchphrase into change.

The Labour leader emphasised his commitment to the term on Twitter:

Eerily familiar

As a slogan, ‘Take Back Control’ is heavily associated with the campaign to leave the EU. This seems at odds with Starmer’s image and historical support for Remain. Twitter was quick to point out that there were some serious negative connotations.

Migration scholar Tanja Bueltmann warned that it was heavily associated with toxic populism:

‘Take back control’, as journalist Samir Jeraj tweeted, was a slogan associated with anything but progressive change:

While the Leave campaign had cross-party support, its association with the Tories is unmistakeable:

One person said it showed that the Tories and Labour were basically the same:

Backfiring Starmer

Journalist and satirist David Osland suggested that if we’re going to take back control, we could start with public services – something which Starmer has shown little enthusiasm for:

Catt Hobbs, director of campaign group We Own It, had a similar message:

Meanwhile, broadcaster Krishnan Guru-Murthy said adopting the slogan left the question of Scottish independence unresolved:

No ideas

Keir Starmer has never been a particularly inspiring figure. However, by adopting a Tory slogan he has shown himself to be a man with very little new to offer.

Perhaps the rationale is that wielding an old slogan will appeal to wavering Tories – but it remains to be seen if his strange mix of progressive ideas and Union Jack nationalism is likely to pay off at the polls.

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    1. Take back control? Keir Starmer panned for adopting Brexit slogan

      LOOK Mr Starmer no good you propagandizing your path of action
      If you DO NOT implement wages increase to our N.H.S + Public sector worker NOW forget power next G.E. sir.
      My point has a Brexit voter –Brexit was to take back my country but also give a better way of life for all British workers.
      Not to continue giving Migrant workers on cheap low wages to off set the wages market like Tories are doing now.

      N.H.S Trust manager paying over the top for Migrant worker while our British N.H.S workforce is strike for a better wages and to drag themself out of Tory poverty (You sir supported now why?)

      So, for you to now use Brexit Labour propaganda to gain votes in next GE. It will not happen unless you pay up our British worker their pay increase owed them by Tory Govt unpaid wages increase they kept
      From them all to rig wages paid out over many years now that were kept low to keep Migrant slave working labour in U.K. for big firms under paying the Migrant workers Brexit will not put a stop to this carry on Mr Starmer,( NO MORE low paid jobs in U.K.)
      Mr Starmer if you’re going to use Brexit you need to pay up the increase in wages now before next G.E or lose power alongside Tory party Sunak -Hunt not paying up now will cost them next G.E.
      Remember the N.H.S +Public sector worker Govt is screwing now
      over not giving a pay rise too all vote next G.E Tory -Labour parties.

    2. Starmer’s support for the Remain camp seems to have been a strictly on the basis that he could use it to undermine Corbyn’s leadership. He’s now completely reversed his stance.

      Compare with Bozo Johnson, who went from being pro-EU to arch-Leaver when he saw some personal gain in changing horses in mid-stream.

      Predatory politicians the both of them.

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