Have you ever been to a protest? Then you might be a domestic extremist [VIDEO]

Emily Apple

Monday 6 February was Domestic Extremist Awareness day. Organised by the Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol), the day aimed to raise awareness of a term that has no legal definition. And it is a term regularly used to tarnish and label protesters and campaigners.

People shared photos of protests on the day with the message that these are not acts of domestic extremism.

And The Canary made a video to explain and highlight the day. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to us, Facebook didn’t like it, so we’re sharing it here instead:

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Protesting and campaigning are not domestic extremism. Dissent is not a crime. And this meaningless term should be abolished, and all the files on protesters destroyed.

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– If you think the police might hold files on you as a domestic extremist, find out how to apply for them here.

– Please contact us if you have any files you’d be willing to share with us.

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