Jeremy Corbyn brought the house down at today’s PMQs, leaving Theresa May ‘absolutely fuming’

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May, PMQs
Timothy J. Woods

Jeremy Corbyn asked a zinger that left Theresa May ‘fuming’ at Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) on 13 June.

Corbyn’s zinger

In PMQs, Corbyn referred to Boris Johnson’s recent leaked private dinner conversation in which he suggested Donald Trump would handle Brexit better than his boss, Theresa May. The Labour leader asked:

Mr Speaker, when the prime minister met President Donald Trump last week, did she do as the foreign secretary suggested and ask him to take over the Brexit negotiations?

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While MPs from both the Labour and Conservative backbenches erupted with laughter, May appeared to be less than impressed. Sitting a few seats across from the prime minister, foreign secretary Boris Johnson was also laughing.

Watch the exchange here (starting at 0:35):

The response

People on Twitter were quick to react:

Borrowed time

While Corbyn’s question about Brexit and Trump was met with widespread laughter, it also highlighted the government’s continued lack of unity on Brexit. And it came just a day after May had to see off a Conservative rebellion on Brexit by making a series of concessions. No wonder the PM didn’t like it.

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