A Mail hack tries to take on a renowned Jewish children’s writer over antisemitism. It doesn’t end well.

Michael Rosen and face palm statue
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Mail on Sunday journalist Dan Hodges seems to believe he is some kind of ‘champion’ for antisemitism. Although how much he cares about the fate of Jewish people and how much he cares about using any opportunity to try and smear Jeremy Corbyn is open to debate.

On 18 September, Hodges attempted to go after children’s author and poet Michael Rosen over antisemitism:

Rosen, who unlike Hodges is Jewish, has provided a rational voice throughout the antisemitism scandal. He has called out antisemitism when it rears its ugly head, alongside speaking up for Palestinian people and questioning the agenda and narrative of those fuelling the debate.

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Hodges vs Rosen

Unfortunately for Hodges, Rosen replied. Several times. Making him look ridiculous in the process.

Firstly, Rosen took issue with the fact that Hodges has previously used the term “useful Jewish idiots” to describe Jewish supporters of Corbyn:

He also highlighted the antisemitism he’s dealt with since school up to the present day:

Rosen also questioned Hodges’ relationship to the Mail given it was accused of antisemitism over a 2013 story it published about Ed Miliband:

Round 2

Hodges replied to Rosen’s tweet about the lifelong antisemitism he’s faced:

He was referencing Rosen’s tweets about allegations that EDL members attended the Antisemitism Rally in Manchester. But as Rosen clarified in another tweet:

Although those involved in the protest deny there was any EDL involvement, seeking clarification is not antisemitic or undermining. And given Israeli flags are often present on EDL protests, it was not an unreasonable question to ask.

Round 3

Again, Rosen tried to elicit a response from Hodges about the language he has previously used:

Hodges responded:

A bizarre response given it meant that Hodges had seen the question, and still refused to answer it.

Rosen answered with a killer blow:

Stop antisemitism. Stop weaponising antisemitism.

Like all other racism, antisemitism is abhorrent and must be stopped. But so must the weaponising of antisemitism. It isn’t Rosen who is undermining the fight against antisemitism, but people like Hodges. His attacks on people he seems to have decided are ‘the wrong type of Jew’ or ‘useful Jewish idiots’ are both antisemitic and fuel antisemitism. And he is adding to a climate of fear that many Jewish people are feeling.

Luckily Rosen set him straight and called out his abuse.

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