The BBC’s Greatest Hits on Jeremy Corbyn (Top Six Video Countdown)


Welcome to the BBC’s Greatest Hits on Jeremy Corbyn. We are here to commend the BBC’s politics team for its efforts. While claiming to be impartial, the team has still managed to smear Corbyn with Trump merchandise, Russia hysteria and Harry Potter video edits.

Leaked messages from a leading anti-Corbyn barrister shed light on the matter. Within the texts, a senior BBC journalist explains that his team ‘transmits in code’ their negative perception of Corbyn to viewers.

So, in honour of the BBC’s creativity, we present the BBC’s Greatest Hits on Jeremy Corbyn.

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    1. Thanks Jeremy Again.
      Those who consider themselves Right have such merriment and laughter on bullying Corbyn, Dianne Abbott, and anyone connected with Labour.
      Its staggering in its rudeness. They will find out from from the rest of the world who thinks this will never be accepted as debate.
      There is a bill coming from the Reality Cafe for the Conservative fanatics dining out with these tastes for the exhoribantly expensive fantasies of Propaganda, Lies, and ethical failure to conduct a democracy.
      Emigration during the clearances in Scotland, starvation in Ireland while the England exported food out, now I’m guessing a brain drain is happening from England with business as well upon realizing they are dealing with idiots.
      And all I hear is Laughter, laughter!

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