Keir Starmer won’t support calls for an inquiry into Boris Johnson’s dishonesty

keir starmer and boris johnson
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Keir Starmer declined to sign a letter from six opposition parties calling for an inquiry into the prime minister’s “consistent failure to be honest”.

The letter, signed by the Lib Dems, Greens, Plaid Cymru, SNP, SDLP and Alliance, accuses Boris Johnson of misleading parliament during debate. It subsequently asks the speaker of the house to allow a vote into holding an inquiry into the accusations.

The parties specify several false claims the prime minister has made in parliament, including:

  • January 2020 – “The economy under this Conservative government has grown by 73%”
  • February 2020 – “We have cut CO2 emissions in this country since 2010, on 1990 levels, by 42%”
  • June 2020 – “There are hundreds of thousands, I think 400,000, fewer families living in poverty now than there were in 2010”
The letter

The six signatories of the letter are Caroline Lucas (Green), Ed Davey (Lib Dem), Ian Blackford (SNP), Liz Saville-Roberts (Plaid Cymru), Colum Eastwood (SDLP), and Stephen Farry (Alliance).

The party leaders wrote:

This is not a question of occasional inaccuracies or a misleading use of figures: it is a consistent failure to be honest with the facts, or to correct wrong information at the earliest opportunity when misleading information is given. This, we believe, amounts to a contempt of the house.

Labour absence

Many people expressed their frustration at the leader of the largest opposition party being absent from the letter.

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Keir Starmer reportedly declined to sign the letter when asked. A Labour source said the party does “not normally sign up to initiatives launched by other parties”.

“Normalisation of lying”

Caroline Lucas, Green Party leader, organised the letter. She said:

It’s hard to recall any prime minister who has treated parliament with the contempt that this one does.

There is a normalisation of lying to the house which is deeply dangerous, especially coming from an increasingly authoritarian government which is looking at every means to avoid accountability.

MPs’ job is to hold government to account and we can only do that if ministers give accurate information to the House. That is a core principle of our democracy and it is being undermined by the Prime Minister himself. He is not only showing contempt for Parliament, he is also undermining people’s trust in our system of government. It’s time he was held to account.

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    1. As usual withe the sell out tory gov. Its subvert the law, ignore the citizens, carry on with the corruption as per normal. Within weeks of the expenses scandal they were back at it.
      As for kier stammer,, lets not forget he is x- cps, tory country, and he was involved in the highly illegal digital evidence cases, were its decided pre trial your guilty, and your not going to see the evidence against you. Which flies in the face of a free and fair trial. Kier stammer was put into the driving seat of labour by the same people who put boris their. Two foreign actors, along with tony blair and stammer himself, who upon receiving the leadership of the tory party declared his loyalties to the zionist movement and isreal. So you see stammer and boris are two sides of the same coin. The American born, Boris was not the winner of the election, the two foreign actors, ie the isreali zionist lobby group and the zionist rothchild owned cia- n.e.d put boris into power. He is an imposed dictator, who is as corrupt as they come. A 600 plus page coronavirus act 2020, pushed through at the last min.. nah, that paper was written for when boris tried to parogue parliament previously. And like a lot of boris bills, acts etc they have all been written previously. Just like the pushing through of the zionist owned UN sustainable development goal number 5. On the back of a cop killing a woman. Within days it was enacted. Wake up peeps, do your home work. The ca moron greensill scam is just the latest in this sell out gov sleaze corruption. Over two trillion stolen in the later half of 2020, what emergency. The emergency powers bill had parliamentary oversight this act does not.

    2. In case you missed it. The EU addressed boris saying parliament was sovereign. Really, a meeting house were the monarchs representatives are to meet ours to discuss th days biz. Don’t see any representatives of ours in the house. Only both sides of the house filled up with tories and the tory wana be lib dems. Oh and the other tory, kier stammer, aka tony blair 2.0. A implant. Thatcher said when asked what was her greatest achievement. She replied tony blair.

    3. In case you missed it. Boris does not represent the monarch. May i draw your attention to, the paris climate conference 2015.. when 196 nations gave up sovereignty to the green agenda world law.
      For an easier read try anothervoicerev184 dot blogspot dot com /2015/12/ agreen ment.
      Its easier to read than the full on crap. But basically it was the re intro of the un agenda 21 under the guise of sustainable development. Goal number 5 was achieved within days of clapham common. The EU food/ farming laws etc they put in place, are leading to another zionist instigated russian famine. Trotsky was a zionist jew sent from america to overthrow the tsar and create the communist revolution. Were millions of russians died of starvation. Plus the goulag, then the concentration camps in poland and germany, then the fima camps in america. Oh look up holomodor. 6 million ukrainians.

    4. Tory Lite Kier Starmer is just a planted Establishment fifth columnist in the Labour Party. The other right wing idiots, the remains of the Tony B’Liar sycophants, are responsible for this travesty. Get a rope!

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