Due to Tory contempt for Assange, over 60 doctors warn he ‘could die in prison’

Julian Assange
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More than 60 doctors have written a letter to UK home secretary Priti Patel and shadow home secretary Diane Abbott. The letter warns that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange could die in prison unless action is taken immediately.

UK government’s “outright contempt” for Assange

The letter is largely in response to observations made by people like journalist John Pilger and Nils Melzer – the UN special rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. It is signed by more than 60 doctors from around the world. It provides a chronology of Assange’s deteriorating health over the last four years.

On 11 April 2019, Assange was expelled from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. On 9 May 2019, Melzer visited Assange in Belmarsh prison and they spent an hour in conversation. During that visit, Assange also underwent a one-hour physical examination and a two-hour psychiatric examination. And Melzer said:

We all came to the conclusion that [Assange] showed all the symptoms that are typical for a person that has been exposed to psychological torture over an extended period of time

On 1 November, Melzer issued a strongly-worded statement on Assange’s condition, saying:

what we have seen from the UK Government is outright contempt for Mr Assange’s rights and integrity. Despite the medical urgency of my appeal, and the seriousness of the alleged violations, the UK has not undertaken any measures of investigation, prevention and redress required under international law.

He added:

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Unless the UK urgently changes course and alleviates his inhumane situation, Mr Assange’s continued exposure to arbitrariness and abuse may soon end up costing his life.

“No time to lose”

The doctors’ letter recommends that Assange receive immediate hospital treatment:

From a medical point of view, on the evidence currently available, we have serious concerns about Mr Assange’s fitness to stand trial in February 2020. Most importantly, it is our opinion that Mr Assange requires urgent expert medical assessment of both his physical and psychological state of health. Any medical treatment indicated should be administered in a properly equipped and expertly staffed university teaching hospital (tertiary care).

It adds:

Were such urgent assessment and treatment not to take place, we have real concerns, on the evidence currently available, that Mr Assange could die in prison. The medical situation is thereby urgent. There is no time to lose.

On 15 November, Assange’s defence lawyer Jennifer Robinson provided an update on Assange – his health and predicament – at a conference in Sydney. And she seemed to agree with the observations above.

Will the government continue to deny Assange justice?

Responsibility for what happens next to Assange lies with the UK government. To avoid any tragedy, politicians need to act now to ensure that the health – both physical and mental – of this leading publisher is fully restored. Only then will Assange be in a position to properly defend himself at the US extradition hearing, scheduled for February, from its preposterous charges.

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    1. I am about to rant for Julian Assange and Britain (and decency), you will note straight away that this is a VERY long rant, so if you really are not up for it, don’t torture yourself trying to read it. I am so very angry at present, and so very fucked off with all the lies, base stupidity, and sheer destructive arrogance appearing everywhere in life, that today I am just ranting and ranting.

      I’m sure there’s plenty of people feeling the same way about everything at present, so if you do subject yourself to this ranting cathartic release, or find yourself inexplicably drawn to torturing yourselves by reading it, bear in mind we all get fucked off, and we all at times need to just ‘get it out there’.

      Regardless, to all of you I apologise for the language, the tone, and my poor linguistic skills, this just wasn’t a day where I could write and then delete, this time I had to write (maybe it is the risk factor that provides some catharsis) and post.

      The treatment of Julian Assange is proof that we do not live in a Democracy, but an oligarchic autocracy, and is without doubt, the single-most egregious and authoritative demonstration of an utterly corrupted legal and political system, supported by utterly corrupt officers and prison guards, who are also knowingly, and wilfully, breaking UK and International Law.

      These people are no better than the Nazi’s executed for their crimes at The Nuremberg War Trials, in that they display exactly the same lack of care or concern, and exactly the same attitude to dismissing their own guilt. It is really simple, if you engage with or support anyone in the production of a crime, you are equally guilty under law.

      Therefore ALL those involved in the illegal prosecution and incarceration of Julian Assange are equally guilty of breaking UK and International Law, and they themselves should be punished in the public manner they have willingly subjected Julian Assange to.


      To ALL Law, and ALL Law enforcement; If you lot cannot obey the Laws you have made, then there is no Law, and what we have instead is Anarchy. That means your lives are forfeit and worthless in the same way as those you are wilfully and illegally persecuting, and you have no rights to anything, because you have stuck your fingers up at ALL Law, and proven your criminal intentions towards The Law, in fact you are using The Law as a cover for your criminality.

      Personally I think your hypocrisy should be punishable by anyone who sees fit to punish you, and that, because you hate being bound yourselves by the Laws you are supposed to be bound by. If you die because of your criminal behaviour, that is on you. You too should be denied justice and care, in exactly the same manner as you have conspired to prevent Julian Assange (and others) from getting the Justice and care they are legally entitled to. You are uniformed cowards who have no right to the protection of Law, and whilst you continue to illegally harm innocents, you yourselves should receive no protection, have no rights, and be treated as the criminals you are.

      I think, and I’m putting this idea out there for others to consider, that those involved in Julian Assange’s illegal imprisonment should be denied the ability to access healthcare, or engage in any social activity, in the same way as they have denied him the same. This doesn’t need to be ruled on, or have to go to ‘The Lords’, what I’m calling for is for everyone who cares, to deny them (those responsible for breaking our laws in regard to J.A) services and products in protest at their illegal collusion (it is not illegal to not sell someone a product or service).

      That means Prison Guards and staff from Belmarsh High Security Prison should be denied all kinds of goods and services for putting their jobs above the welfare of an innocent human being and the Law. Unlike Nazi’s at The Nuremberg War Trials, our officers DO NOT have the excuse that they feared for their lives, and they DO have a legal duty of care, and they SHOULD stand up against the illegality of it, whilst refusing to carry out their illegal orders.

      The same should happen to ALL those involved in the illegal treatment of Julian Assange, and they can all be publicly identified and vilified for their refusal to honour and obey our Laws, and that does include the officers who visibly went into the Ecuadorian Embassy to drag him out, those who staked him out, the Judges who ignored his Human rights, 2 sets of Laws, and multiple legal condemnations, and the politicians and MSM who are behind his incarceration.

      If we are happy for our nation to carry on its descent into lawlessness, then we should ignore the news, opinions, facts and figures, and tool up to defend what we care about, like an end-of-days-preppie belatedly realising they are a day from Armageddon.

      No more obedience to laws except ‘The Law of The Jungle’ need apply (we are nearly there already).

      Just a thought, but we could all just boycott those individuals and groups who are involved in undermining our Country and Laws, until they get the message that WE won’t stand for it. No one has to die or do anything illegal, just refuse to talk to them, serve them, or supply them, until they repent, and do what is right (repentance is admitting our crimes and not repeating them).

      The fact that no political party is talking about the debacle surrounding Julian Assange is very telling, and is a woeful indicator of just how much all of us have already lost in a war, many are completely ignorant of, or just too cowardly to address.

      Cowardice and Ignorance are two very potent drivers of inaction, and destruction, because we are on the whole, too frightened to stand up against our law-breaking elite, which is to say, we do NOT have the Democracy we think we do. It is entirely built on our fear of them, even though we outnumber them comprehensively and definitively, and not one of them would stand a minute against us if we surrounded them en-mass, and that’s even with the entirety of the UK Military and Police Force rallied against us (who would also lose ignominiously if it was us vs them).

      The answer though isn’t violence, and if enough do it, the threat of violence decreases with the corresponding rise in supportive numbers. Our Law is not going to give Julian Assange, or us, justice. Our politicians and legal systems, will make sure that he either dies in Belmarsh or America, and that, I’m sad to say, applies to Jeremy Corbyn too, who has completely ignored J.A.’s plight for his own political expediency.

      Julian Assange’s case is about all of us. Don’t listen to Journalists who have only just started to cry out about ‘their’ freedoms (after cynically benefiting from what he did), when it was always about OUR collective freedoms being eroded and destroyed.

      Many news vendors, and many Journalists have brought their own destruction upon themselves through their deliberate efforts to prevent us from getting the truth in the first place.

      It is sadly true that only some journalists have the integrity, and the bravery, to stand up for what is patently right. There are far more however, that will bend to any master so long as they get their 30 pieces of silver, and that is evidenced by the fact that few Journalists have stuck up for us, or Julian, preferring instead to tow the autocratic government line, rather than doing what they are supposed to do, which is holding them (and at times us) to account for the choices and actions taken.

      It is clear to me that unless we unite over this, the soul of our country is dead, and all we are is a pathetically divided, once-great nation, now intent on destroying all pretence of being decent, or law abiding, or civilized. We have descended into ‘un-civilisation’ due to allowing Neo-liberalism to grow unchecked within our system, and for turning against each other in one of The World’s worst, Globally witnessed, displays of national dis-unity ever. How ironic that the ‘United’ Kingdom is in the same ‘United’ mess as America, how sickening it is that ‘strength’ is equated with our most deluded politicians like Boris.

      Boycott those who have, and are, persecuting Julian Assange, ALL of them. Let them know why they are being denied, that it’s not just about J.A. but our freedom, our Law, and the unity of our civilisation that they are attacking. I say we need to do this regardless of BREXIT/REMAIN, regardless of Johnson or Corbyn, these are important issues amongst many others, but we as a people must address this, or lose all our rights for ever, and we will lose our country too if this is allowed to continue or remain in the illegal state it is in.

      I’m up for a 3 million+ persons boycott of Belmarsh Prison to help save a man who is being detained illegally by so called British Justice, yet who has not flinched in letting us know the truth about the lies our governments habitually subject us to. I think that if this was being organised to happen, this would be enough to force our government and Law to obey our will, and it is open to anyone who will stand up for Julian Assange, here or abroad.

      I understand that few people really care about him, and even fewer appreciate that he put his life on the line to help all of us wake up and protect our freedoms. There are many people living in so-called democracies who do not deserve the choices they are given simply because they are the lovers of autocracy, and architects of democratic destruction, who prefer to live autocratic existences.

      Things are so bad that even though he risked his life to tell us the truth we NEEDED to know, few people would see him as a martyr, should our State, or the US State, murder him. That is how far from democracy we truly are! The USA and the UK are doing all they can to prevent him becoming a Martyr, this is why the likes of the BBC refuse to cover the truth of what is going on, they want him to die quietly and without fuss.

      Our State hates our freedoms, and a great many citizens do not even understand it. So many live their lives in contradiction to the Democratic ideals of their nations, and are in fact living dictatorial lives not just on the street, or in work, but at home, and in the heart. This is because so many people, by far the greater number, do not really believe in democracy, but desire more than anything (even at risk to their own lives at times) to control others, anyone, just so they can feel powerful, or feel like they ‘matter’.

      Democracy is earned, so those who do not protect it, who do not work to keep it alive and progress it, well they just do not deserve it, but that said, they have fuck-all rights to prevent the rest of us from having it or pursuing it, just because they are too lazy to even have a valid Democratic opinion, and find it much easier to pass off their autocratic desires as democracy, particularly when we let them.

      This article is an example of a journalist who cares, but note how the narrative has already been skewed, and how many journalistic outlets are doing the same. It isn’t about Journalists ALONE, that is a dishonest hijack of Julian Assange’s plight, it is a warning to EVERYONE who isn’t on the right list, namely everyone except elite Neo-liberals and their pals. Julian Assange let us know the truth about those lying, treasonous fuckers we call leaders, I note that even Edward Snowden isn’t been treated like Assange or Manning, and that is because he is in RUSSIA…. yes people, Edward Snowden may be in exile, but he is in a much, much better position than Assange or Manning … in Russia! Does anyone get the irony?

      The USA and the UK are now far worse than Russia for human rights abuses, which is improving itself rapidly while the West rapidly deteriorates. Both the UK and the USA have repeatedly broken domestic and international law, are continuing to do so, and are planning further and worse for the majority of us. They are systematically removing our human rights, while selling us into corporate slavery … but wait, you think this is a conspiracy theory right?

      Get you noggins around this then … we already are unwitting, unasked, employees of The United Kingdom Corporation, just like US citizens are employees of The United States of America Corporation. This isn’t made up, it is fact that can be confirmed by checking out UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION (listed on Dunn & Bradstreet). Thank Tony Blair for that btw, and if anyone can get an answer out of government as to why this was done behind our backs, that would be great (also damned difficult as others have tried and failed to get a reasonable answer).

      Our tribalism and desire for conflict is not conducive with a better person, society or world, it is the guarantor of our failure, and will always prevent us from realising peaceful co-existence (which does NOT mean the same as a Utopian one). Lies are not conducive with good governance or good relationships with anyone/anything, and are also a guarantor of our failure.

      There is a reason why we divide things into ‘Bad’ ‘Good’ ‘Evil ‘Holy’ and ‘don’t know … yet’. It isn’t as a result of the desire to catalogue and label everything, but out of a very real existence-threatening consideration, namely what works for us as a species that wants to survive and thrive in a dangerous (yet wondrous) Universe. Sadly we treat all the ‘good’ things in life as bad and uncool, and all the ‘bad’ things as virtues.

      There is literally no way our species can continue to live like this, it is a self-destructive, self-fulfilling prophecy of hatred and evil, and has no other outcome than mass misery, followed by mass extinction. There are those that hope that if we destroy ourselves, nature will recover, but that is a terrible excuse, because it is not even close to true. The way we are destroying ourselves and the World is myriad. It isn’t just one flaw, but multiple flaws that we must contend with, and as such is a threat to all life.

      Yes our piddly little self-important species can actually create the conditions for a 100% extinction level event (and arguably already is), that will negate any further chance for life on this planet (particularly if there just isn’t enough of this planet left to support it). I know many might hope for better, but the truth is we shouldn’t be taking that risk, and the fact that we do is proof of our lack of true care, and our very real ignorance.

      Why is it that those who put money before the well-being of others, life and the planet, even going so far as to tell us they don’t give a shit about the future, children or life, are allowed to control anything? Why is it that those of us who do love life, can’t kill or harm them, but they are allowed by the Law (and us) to continue their policies of murder theft and destruction, even if that means we all die, just because they can’t be ‘arsed’ to care, or hate life? or love money above all else? How is it that these type of people are allowed to benefit from the society whilst the rest of us struggle? Why do those who revel in the rape of this world and each other, subjecting us to constant conflict and war, enjoy the protections that our society says are for peaceable, hard-working people, when they are destroying everything that is ‘good’ about life?

      It seems to me that our government, media and business leaders are all deliberately conspiring to drive as many as possible to hate and violence, so that they can make the excuse for state violence, and then turn OUR ‘freedom fighters’ into ‘terrorists’, to justify murdering even more Britons. …. Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the W …er … no it doesn’t, … Britons never, never, never shall be Sl … oh fuck that’s not true either! There is no reason at present to be proud of our country, and anyone who says there is is being deliberately blind to the murders carried out by our government even now. It is never OK for a government to murder, if it is, then it is OK for us to do the same.

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