Cummings now wants to roll back human rights laws. He’s out of control.

Dominic Cummings is planning on rolling back human rights laws
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The Telegraph has reported that Boris Johnson’s government is set to ‘opt out’ of human rights laws. This is, of course, part of Brexit. It also appears to have Dominic Cummings’ hands all over it. But the reality is that even under EU rules, successive Tory governments flouted them anyway.

Human rights under threat?

On Sunday 13 September, the Telegraph said that the UK government was planning to put in place “optouts” [sic] from the Human Rights Act. The Telegraph wrote that ministers:

are drawing up proposals to severely curb the use of human rights laws in areas where judges have ‘overreached’.

One group the government is targeting is asylum seekers. It wants to stop judges applying to the European Court of Human Rights in asylum cases. The Telegraph noted that the government will be doing a formal review into the laws. This is in line with the Tories’ 2019 manifesto commitments.

But as with many government actions, Johnson’s aide Cummings appears to be at the centre.

All roads lead to Cummings

The Telegraph noted that Cummings criticised:

the… [European Court of Human Rights] for judgements, based on the ECHR [European Convention on Human Rights], blocking the deportation of ‘dangerous’ foreign criminals.

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One such example would be the deportation flight to Jamaica in February 2020. The government claimed the people were “criminals”. At the time, questions were raised over its legality. Some lawyers argued that the government would have to take into account Article 8 of the ECHR: the right to a private and family life. But in the end, around 20 people were deported anyway.

Herein lies the problem with the UK’s current obligations under the ECHR. Because when it suits the UK government, it ignores the rules anyway.

Pre-existing EU rules

A case in point is the situation for chronically ill and disabled people in the UK. As The Canary reported in 2018, a committee of the Council of Europe found that the UK had been breaching EU-wide rules. It involved the European Social Charter. This is:

a Council of Europe treaty that guarantees fundamental social and economic rights as a counterpart to the… [ECHR]… It guarantees a broad range of everyday human rights related to employment, housing, health, education, social protection and welfare.

The Charter lays specific emphasis on the protection of vulnerable persons such as elderly people, children, people with disabilities and migrants.

But UK governments have ignored this “protection”.

“Grave” and “systematic” human rights violations

As The Canary reported, between 2012 and 2015 the UK government breached the charter in two areas. One breach was:

of Article 12, the right to social security. The committee found that many welfare benefits… were ‘manifestly inadequate’. That is, people were not getting enough money to live on and were being left in poverty.

The other breach was to do with the rights of temporary, domestic, and self-employed workers. But the committee also criticised the government over the state of the NHS, its treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The report followed on from the UN’s repeated criticisms in similar areas. One UN report found successive UK governments had committed “grave” and “systematic” violations of disabled people’s human rights.

Deepening authoritarianism

But in the face of this repeated rule breaching, the UK government essentially didn’t do anything. This is despite, for example, the alleged powers of the European Social Charter:

No other legal instrument at pan-European level can provide such an extensive and complete protection of social rights as that provided by the Charter, which also serves as a point of reference in European Union law; most of the social rights in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights are based on the relevant articles of the Charter.

The UK government has already repeatedly violated its obligations under various human rights laws. So Cummings’ plans to wind them back further may seem inconsequential. But it must be put against the backdrop of an increasingly dogmatic and authoritarian government. Therefore, this latest assault on our basic rights is a cause for concern. Because the UK may well end up in a position where many have no recourse when facing a government that’s violating their rights.

Governments have already attacked disabled people. Now, Cummings and the Tories have asylum seekers in their sights. And you have to ask the question: who’ll be next?

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    1. Cummings now wants to roll back human rights laws.
      He’s out of control.
      Just answer all the following question ALL Tory Party member including it Voters for the rest of our U.K. none Tory voters.

      Q—1 Who the hell in charge of our country Boris or Cumming?
      Is Boris just a puppet now in Tory Govt.
      Q—2 Who is make ing rule for Tory party now the rich people like Cumming or our elected Tory party Minister?
      Q—3 Why doses Cumming wish more of our right stripped from us voters Boris + all Tory members including its voters?
      Q—4 At what point will Boies + Tory Govt members sell out us NONE Tory voter to the rich party backers (funders) like Cummings?
      Q—5 How much of the Brexit deal input as Cumming got a say in Boris? is he now controlling the new law-breaking rules for his gain plus that of his rich mate in London only Boris?

      Boris plus Tory M.P./including Tory voter what are you lot going to do about Cumming doing the jobs we elected all your local area Tory M.P. to do which is run our country for us all not just the Tory rich businesspeople like Cummings in London, Boris you and Tory party M.P. has failed us all now time to go, Boris, you are just a Prime Minister a Tory puppet for Cumming + rich in London now.

    2. No SURPRISE, May made it quite clear what Conservative TORY BREXIT was all about with fictitious stories she tells the crowd that they will loose their Human Rights and they are as exited and indoctrinated as anyone who did not vote UK Labour Party in GE17/19!
      Well I guess People are happy with two equally ELITE OWNED, Corrupt and Right Wing TORY parties at the NextGE!
      It can be prevented! We can clean UK Labour Party of it’s TORY Parasite New-Labour, if your Candidate/MP is New-Labour TORY Party, start activism now to get them out on No Conf or whatever it takes OR Vote them OUT, by voting for their strongest opponent EVEN if that is Con TORY, and you have to cut your hand off after!
      If your Candidate is UK Labour Party get to know them now, get active now, promote them on SM and follow them, do not let ANY of Jeremy’s Red Roses Spoil!
      We are fortunate to have some of the most delightful, Laura P and Laura S, lost their seat for fowl play, but those two have not stopped, they have continued working for nada as if nothing changed for their PEOPLE! I am sure we will see them back in their seats and there are many, many more of them ready and waiting in the wings! We also have Bell, Zarah, Nadia, Apsana, etc, etc who are currently the only voices of opposition working for the People! Anyone up for an ALL Woman UK Labour Government SOON!? I certainly am!
      All I have seen from the New-Labour TORY Party is further Coup Attempts and Con Tory Appeasement!
      Don’t keep your hopes up for improved Human Rights with THAT LOT! Name and One Quote should make any sensible human being shiver and run for the hills!
      *Julian Assange!
      *”Labour will be tougher than Tories on benefits, promises new welfare chief”!
      Even if that means the Con Tories have another term, We will have a few more UK Labour Party MPs and NO MORE New-Labour TORY Party MPs with Direct influence from/with the ELITES/MSM, NO MORE SABOTAGE, COUPS, LIES, CONNIVING, even if we ended up ONLY the above 6 MPs we would make MORE NOISE, FOR THE PEOPLE than the 172 New-Labour Tory MPs Multiplied!
      We need a Party for the People not the Elites and dodgy Tory Dealings! We will annihilate them at the following GE, but we have to get rid of the Parasite Party within the UK Labour Party that will mean a 5 year delay, but to FINALLY END, by then, 46 years of TORY Hell, rather than a ‘This TORY/That TORY’ never ending Nightmare!?
      By 46 years people will hopefully be awakened from their slumber that cost us GE17/19! HOPEFULLY Johnson and Cummings have woken, enraged and UNITED enough PEOPLE to take mass action, isn’t it about time!?
      People are still too consumed with the Latest this or that, the seasonal Fashion Trend, the nicest car on the street, etc, etc COMPLETELY Asleep, they can’t see the torment and hell of the Homeless, Suffering, Elderly, Disabled, all they see are Pounds and Credit Cards! Humanity has become a disease!

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