With more strikes on the cards unions must ditch Labour

Keir Starmer and a red solidarity fist representing strikes
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Some trade unions have signalled that they are moving towards striking over pay. This comes as others are either actively taking industrial action or balloting members for it. However, once again Keir Starmer’s Labour Party has made its position clear – it’s not the party of industrial action. So, it’s time for unions to ditch the party for good.

Strikes across the UK

At the minute, several unions are striking. These include:

Other unions are currently balloting, or have balloted, members on strike action. These include:

On top of all this, several other unions are making noise about potential strike action. These include:

This is perhaps looking set to be the largest-scale series of strikes since 2011. But will the alleged ‘party of working people‘, Labour, support all these strikes? Probably not.

Labour: anti-trade unionism

So far, Keir Starmer has made it clear that his party doesn’t support the RMT strike. He even tried to stop his frontbenchers going to picket lines. Then, on Tuesday 28 June, Labour’s shadow economic secretary Tulip Siddiq was on Sky News. She said of the RMT action:

We didn’t support the strikes, as they happened now, because we felt they were very disruptive to the country.

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Host Kay Burley also asked if Siddiq would support a BMA strike. Siddiq said:

I support a situation where we pay people properly.

Yes, Siddiq really did say that. You’d be forgiven for thinking those words came out of a Tory’s mouth.

General strike now

If Labour was living up to its founding principles, then as a minimum it would support every strike. In an ideal world, it would be calling for a general (national) strike – as some unions have already hinted at.

Given the surge of ongoing and potential industrial action, unions would do well to call a general strike. If Labour won’t support it, or any other action, then so be it. Working-class people don’t need a Tory-lite party to be able to affect change.

Power lies within the hands of the people. Now, the unions need to step up and bring the UK to a standstill – while ditching Labour at the same time. Nothing less will do.

Featured image via RTÉ News – YouTube and Wikimedia 

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    1. BRAVO AGAIN! Steve!
      It is time to accept that there are two polar opposite parties at play.
      The UK Labour Party, Democratic Socialists, FOR The PEOPLE.
      The New/Neo-Labour Party TORIES, Thatcherite Neoliberal, FOR Themselves and the Elites.
      The latter needs to be crushed and completely removed from The UK Labour Party, The Unions, Labour HQ, like one would with any other parasite infestation, if we were ever to have a UK Labour Movement and Opposition Party FOR The PEOPLE!
      2015 to 2020 proved that their external connections, are whicked and conniving, but none the less a powerful force, that we cannot afford within our ranks.
      Those people are NOT The Right of The Left! Those people are an Entirely different Parasite Party within and occupying the UK Labour Party.
      If we tacticaly vote them out and end up with a PLP of 10, The PEOPLE would have a stronger voice and representation than their entire ~180 multiplied and combined!
      Vote them in and you get an equally dangerous and twisted Government and prolonging The PEOPLE’S suffering to 3 terms of TORY Rather than two.
      The size of the Labour Movement even with a small PLP and Parasite Free would see us in government the following term/GE.

    2. Defund Labour, to coin a phrase. Stammer is is nothing but duplicitous and a fraud. Elected as leader on a ticket of ‘bringing the party together in unity’!!!

      We now know that what he meant was purging the party of anyone he didn’t like!

      1. He’s not alone. Equally frightening to think of Reeves, Streeting, Dodds, Eagles, Cooper, Lammy, Nandy, Ashworth, Allin-Kahn, Powel, Haig, Thornberry et al as Leader of The Neo-Labour Party TORIES! Nightmare inducing.

    3. Finally I’m not the only one advocating the formation of a real socialist party. Starmer is an Establishment plant, backed by Zionist influencers and he does not care about socialism. He cares about being to the right of center politically while claiming to represent the working people of Britain. He is a conman and a fraud. It’s a shame that Jeremy Corbin, a genuine socialist, was smeared by Starmer’s Zionist allies and was removed from the leadership.

      Socialism needs a Real Labour Party in Britain. The unions need to get it started now. They need the spirit of Kier Hardy, not the master debater (wa nker) Kier Starrmer.

      1. BlueKeef is a TORY. Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORIES are a Parasite Party within the UK Labour Party.
        UK Labour Party = Democratic Socialism = FOR The PEOPLE not The Elites/Establishment.
        The Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites = Thatcherite Neoliberalism = FOR Themselves and The Elites/Establishment and AGAINST The PEOPLE!
        Two polar opposite Parties!
        The best thing to do with a parasite infested house is burn it down to the ground, at the next GE, and then build something fresh and clean on the ashes. But people must vote away from The Neo-Labour TORY Party, we will suffer, but it will be prolonged with the Parasites in Parliament pretending to be the Socialists while destroying Socialism as BLiar did.

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