Corbyn tells crowd that new PM has ‘no plan to deal with the crisis in UK public services’

Jeremy Corbyn has called for a general election as he claimed new prime minister Boris Johnson has “no plan” to tackle Britain’s problems.

The Labour leader claimed the new Conservative government has “the most hard right cabinet I’ve ever seen”.

He was speaking to cheering supporters at a rally in Parliament Square in London on Thursday – Johnson’s first full day in office.


Corbyn said: “In reality the vote we need is the vote of the people, both to reject Brexit and to elect a Labour government for the future.

“For all the arm-waving bluster of the prime minister this morning, what came out of it very, very clearly is this: There is no plan to deal with Brexit, there is no plan to deal with the crisis in public services all across Britain.

“There is no plan to deal with the climate emergency that this country and our planet absolutely faces.”

Jeremy Corbyn
Corbyn used his speech to unveil a series of pledges to the country he said Labour would honour if it forms the next government (Victoria Jones/PA)

He claimed the new government believes in tax giveaways for the richest members of society and the big corporations.

He also dismissed the idea of special trade deals with the US, and said: “Despite his denials today I firmly believe the US administration would insist on access to our health market, as they call it, in reality it is our NHS.”

He urged people to register to vote and praised grassroots activists for the work they do in spreading Labour’s message.

He also launched a series of pledges to the country if Labour wins the next general election, including increased funding for the NHS, a real living wage of £10 an hour, and no increase in income tax or national insurance for 95% of people.

There were also promises of a green industrial revolution, free school meals for primary school children, as well as a vow to keep the winter fuel allowance, free TV licences and bus passes for pensioners.

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